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Mrs A Reduces Her Credit Card Debt Further And Other Stories


Here are a couple of interesting credit card post that have appeared in other blogs. Firstly, my good friend Mrs Accountability has updated us with her progress in her credit card debt reduction efforts. She is making progress and hopefully, she’ll be credit card debt free by next year.

Meanwhile, Money Beagle just used his Citi Dividend card and earned 5% on one of their 3rd quarter rotating categories (travel). While I’d rather cash back cards pay straight rebates on fixed categories, there are merits to rotating categories if you take advantage of them. After all, there are no cash back credit cards that pay 5% on travel? I don’t expect folks to plan their lives and vacations around what their 5% cash back rotating category was (though you never know). But Money Beagle’s timing was sure perfect.

If you have credit card debt, hopefully Mrs A’s story will motivate you to get rid of that debt of yours. If it doesn’t work, perhaps this will. Jeff has just written a post about how indebtedness could increase obesity!

Does your FICO score matter? Not if you have a mortgage, have no debt and don’t intend to get into debt (which you shouldn’t). But even though it may not be such a big deal, always make sure your credit reports are free of errors or you may face silly things like have your credit lines cut etc!

Finally, Jolyn is starting to use her credit card again. In fact, she intends to earn enough reward points for a gadget! But check out how she is trying to make sure she does not spend more just because she carries a credit card.

Have a great weekend.

October 30, 2010 @ 10:56 pm

Mr. Credit Card, thanks for highlighting my credit card reduction post. It would sure be awesome if next year is the year we get out of debt. I would love to be able to sit down and actually plan for that but it all hinges on how much money my husband brings in with his business. Thanks again for the mention!

October 30, 2010 @ 11:28 pm

keep it up and it will be sooner than you think


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