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Gulf Credit Card Review


The Gulf Credit Card is designed for folks who fill up their gasoline at Gulf Stations and hopefully keep them loyal. But how does this card stack in the competitive world of gas credit cards? Let us find out.

Rewards – The Gulf credit card allows you to earn 3% rebates when you make any purchases at Gulf gas stations. For all other regular purchases (except gasoline at any other stations), you earn 1% rebates.

Fees – There is no annual fee for this card.

Gulf Credit Card Peer Comparison

In this section, we are going to compare this card with station specific cards as well as cards that let you earn gas rebates at any station. The 3% rebates that this card gives at their station falls in the middle of the pack for dedicated gas cards. Other cards that pay 3% include the Hess Visa. Lukoil pays 4% and Shell, BP and Marathon all pay 5% rebates for gasoline at the respective stations. So compared to other gas cards, it is merely average.

But how does it fare against other cash back cards that let’s you earn gas rebates at any station?

Gulf vs Discover OPEN Road – The Discover OPEN Road Card is Discover’s gas card and it pays 2% rebates for gasoline and restaurant expenses for up to $250 in spending (in these two categories) a month. So right off the bat, the Gulf card beats the Discover gas card. Having said that, the Discover cards has an online shopping portal that allows you to earn 5% to 20% from shopping with their online merchant partners. This is a feature that Gulf does not have.

Gulf vs Amex Blue Cash Everyday – The Amex Blue Cash has changed to a non tier formula and is now called the Blue Cash Everyday. It pays 2% rebates on gasoline purchases, which is lower than the 3% Gulf pays. But the Blue Cash Everyday also pays 3% rebates on groceries and 2% on department store purchases. So while the Gulf beat the Blue Cash in gasoline rebates, it loses on the grocery and department store rebate category.

Gulf vs Costco Credit Card – The Gulf credit card has finally met it’s match in the American Express Costco Card, which pays 3% on gasoline at all stations (versus 3% for the Gulf at only gulf stations). In addition, Costco also pays 2% rebates on travel and dining expense which the Gulf does not. So here, the Costco clearly beats the Gulf card. The only snag is that it only makes sense to get the Costco card if you are a member.

Gulf vs PenFed Visa Gas/Cash Back – The PenFed Visa Platinum Gas/Cash Back Rewards Card blows away the Gulf card because they pay 5% rebates for gasoline at any station and 2% at groceries. Though you can only earn rebates for up to $50,000 in annual spending, it should not be a problem for most folks.

Gulf Credit Card – Should You Get It

First, let us list out the pros and cons of this card.

Pros – can’t really think of any here.

Cons – 3% rebates puts it in the middle of the pack among it’s peers and they are simply cards which pay either similar rebates on gasoline and yet allow you to earn them at any gas stations or cards that simply pay more (4% or 5%).

Opinion – The Gulf credit card will obviously suit those who pump their gas exclusively at Gulf stations. If you are one of those folks, then this card is specifically designed for you. You also get a nice 3% rebates for any purchases (gas or not) at Gulf stations (though it is not the highest rebate paid by a gas credit card). However, the problem with this card is that 3% on gasoline (with no other categories thrown in) just does not cut it today. If you are the sort of person that uses a few stations for your gasoline needs, then you will need to get a credit card which simply pays you a rebate on any gas station purchases.

Other Gas Cards to Consider – If you use other gas stations as well, here are some other cards to consider. The first to consider is the TrueEarnings(R) Card from Costco and American Express, especially if you are a Costco member. It matches the 3% of the Gulf card (but you can earn them at any gas station) and you also earn 2% rebates on travel and dining as well.

Another card to consider is the PenFed Visa Platinum Gas/Cash Back Rewards Card. It is simply a better card in almost all aspects (5% on gas and 2% on groceries versus just 3% on gas from Gulf stations).

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