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Our Top Five Frivolous Expenses


I am going to reveal our top five frivolous expenses that both Mrs Credit Card and myself had (as far as we could recall).

1. Shoes

Who needs more shoes. I guess for me, one or two working shoes, a pair of sneakers, a pair of flip flops and a pair of casual shoes, would be really all I need. However, there are about four pairs of dress shoes, three sneakers (which I hardly use these days), three pairs of flip flops and even a timberland boots in my shoe closet. Mrs Credit Card is a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe. What saved us was her tiny feet (youth size 2), which thankfully prevents her from ing Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blaniks. Nevertheless, there are more ferragamos and guccis in the shoe closet collecting dust at the moment.

2. Cell Phones

How often do you change your cellphones? Every time a new model comes out? No, both of us do not a new cell phone every time a new model comes out. But I tend to lose my cell phone every few months and I hardly even use my cell phone. All I need is a really basic simple phone. Yet, when I lose my cellphone, I end up ing the latest model (which is massivley under-utilized). Mrs Credit Card has threatened to unsubsribe my verizon service because I always forget to charge and carry my cellphone with me!

3. Unhealthy Snacks

We should all be eating healthy food. However, given the the types of food available in the supermarkets, it would not be unthinkable to find many of us thinking that regular snacks are ‘normal’ and ‘healthy food’! Even though Mrs Credit Card uses coupons, we find ourselves loading up on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and other snacks like mega size chips etc. Mrs Credit Card uses coupons to get free chocolates. So while we may think we are saving money, in reality, we should not have been spending that money at all! We should be instead ing more fruits.

4. Lipsticks

While Mrs Credit Card does not go crazy over cosmetics, she simply cannot resist ing lots of lipsticks. Lip gloss, lip shine, matt lipstick, long lasting lip stick, tinted lip balm with SPF – you name it, she has it. Light pink, shocking pink, fiery red, coral, neutral, plum,vampish & etc etc – one can never have enough.

5. Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

I am sure we all have a coffee maker and a blender. Really basic. However, life is so much more interesting with Cuisinart mixer (which does everything), crock pot, tabletop electric grill, juicer, rice cooker & all other kinds of fancy “I need that” gadgets. Bed bath & beyond is a very dangerous place to go. On top of all these gadgets, we always need differerent size pots & pans, glass vision pots, corning wares, pyrex dishes, serving dishes of all size and bakeware of all sorts. We probably use these “special gadget” 2 ot 3 times a year. Or like our pasta machine, once in 2 years !

Well, I could probably go one and make a top ten list. But I’ll stop here. I would like to hear about YOUR top five frivolous things you spend your hard earned money on?


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