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Enemy of Debt Radio Interview with Brad Chaffee


I had the privilege of interviewing Brad Chaffee from Enemy of Debt yesterday. I got to know Brad because we mentioned him in one of our post about whether credit cards were bad or not. Brad happens to hate credit cards and recommends that people do not use them. I obviously have the opposite views. I really enjoyed this show cos we talked about :

1. How Brad got into debt
2. What did he do to reduce his credit card debt?
3. How Brad got a zero down, interest only loan for his mortgage
4. And how he views having a mortgage and same as having credit card debt.

So once again, prepare a drink and enjoy the show. (oh – btw – the first 2 minutes are silent cos I guess we both messed up in terms of calling in).

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July 2, 2009 @ 1:42 pm

LOL, I just heard the end where I thought I was no longer live, talking to my son about eating his green beans. haha!

It was nice talking to you MR CC, I’ll do that again anytime!


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