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Thank you in advance for your advice. I made several large purchases in 2005/2006 from a local bath and plumbing store. In Aug. 2006 I returned $800.00 worth of product and was set to purchase another $600.00.

The store manager had difficulty trying to make the exchange and credit. I suggested they credit back the $800.00 separately then I’d make my $600.00 purchase using the same card. This happened, I received the confirmation for the refund and went forward with my new purchase.

I have gone back over my statements for the months that followed and found no refund. I am unsure now that so much time has passed if there is anything I can do about it. Have I lost the $800.00? And if there is something I can do about it I no longer have that credit card account.

Is there another way of refunding the money? I have all my receipts for the purchases and and refunds, plus all the statements showing only purchases and no credits from this store. Any help on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

My best,

Thanks for your question Christine. This might be a bit of a headache for you, but should be able to get the refund issued as agreed.

First, gather up all of your paperwork. Make several copies of everything. You need to send a certified letter to your credit card company explaining the issue, with copies of your proof.

After you send your letter you will want to wait about a week and follow it up with a phone call. It should not matter that you no longer have the account open. If both you and the merchant agreed on a refund, and you have proof of that, then your credit card company has to issue you a refund.

I am very sure that you will need to speak with a manager to get the issue resolved. Especially since the account is so old. As long as the company still has your account records (or even if you still do) then you should be able to get a refund. It will just take time and persistence.

Just make sure that you warn them in writing, and get a signature when your letter is delivered.

Here’s a sample letter that you can use:

Company Name
Company Address

Your Name
Your Address
Your Credit Card Account Number

Dear [Company] representative,

In August of 2006, I purchased $800 of merchandise which I subsequently returned. I was issued a credit to my account by the merchant. However, when I reviewed my statements I realized that I had never actually been credited with the return.

I have since closed my account. Please issue me a refund for the amount of the returned items.

I have enclosed all of my documentation on this issue: Copies of the initial purchase, a copy of the refund receipt, and the following 6 months of statements issued by your company. These are the six months after the credit should have been issued. Please review the documentation and take the appropriate action.

You can contact me any time by phone at: (XXX) XXX-XXX

You can also contact me by mail at:

[You Address]

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,

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