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Carnivals for 1st Week of June 2007


Last week’s Carnivals

Carnival of Personal Finance #103 at Clever Dude

77th Festival of Frugality at My Two Dollars.

Carnival of Credit Card #15 at Credit Card Lowdown

Must Read Posts

David Bach’s Misleading Math on Real Estate Leverage by Money, Matters and Musings is a great piece by Golbguru. Finally, someone actually sits down and does the math on these ‘learn how to be rich books’. I never had great respect for David Bach after I attended a seminar by him which features pitch fest by salespeople selling their stock trading system, cookie cutter trust documents! $4000 courses on investing in real estate liens from information you can get free on the internet! To me, the book was just a means to get rich teaching people how to get rich in seminars! Well done Golbguru.

Massive Personal Finance Resource List by the Frugal Law Student is a very long list of resources that everyone will find helpful. The only quibble I have is that my blog is not included in the personal finance blog section!

Queercents had a very eye catching post on Miscellaneous Expenses – Where Did My Money Go?, which really resonated with me. The conveniece of putting everything that you cannot categorize into the miscellaneous section may not be such a good thing.

Pirates of the Credit Sea – Part 5 by The Investor Blog is summary of his continued with Citibank on his credit card. I won’t divulge all the details, but I must say this is one of the best post and saga I’ve read. Be sure to read this one. You’ll learn a lot from it.


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