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Carnival of Money Stories – Show and Tell Edition


Welcome to the carnival of money stories. Since this is a carnival about YOUR MONEY STORIES, we shall have it in a “show and tell’ format – yes, just like when you were little kids. Your teacher is Moi!

First, a few housekeeping matters : I turned down many submissions because they were not stories. Andy (founder of this carnival) told me to pick only money stories and I quite agree as this is a carnival for money stories. There were many good post I turned down because they were more like “how to” or “descriptive” post which should be posted to the carnival of personal finance.

Directions : To get the most out of this carnival, just imagine have your kids around (if you are a parent) and read the post through the eyes of a child.

Show and Tell Time

Teacher : Alright children, it’s show and tell time. Let’s all form a circle. (After 5 minutes when everything is settled). OK – who wants to go first today? Happy Rock. Alright Happy Rock, come up here and do your show and tell.

Happy Rock : This is box of the copy of Microsoft Money my Daddy bought for me. This is a game for you to see where your money goes. It’s really fun. You can see where your money is coming from and where you spent it. But last week, I changed computers and my money was gone…he he..so I had to Recover from Microsoft Money Server Upgrade.

Teacher : My Wealth Builder, you are next. What do you have for us today?

My Wealth Builder : This is my daddy’s toolbox. Inside, there are hammers, drills and many things. We live in a very old house and this year, my daddy says we are going to do lots of work on our house. Then it will be very beautiful. My daddy decided not to hire any one to do this. Daddy and Mommy are going to do all the work by themselves. This is a book on how to Do it yourself basics and save money.

Teacher : SVB, your next. What will you show us today?

SVB : This is my daddy’s and mommy’s money statement. Daddy and Mommy are always talking about money to me. Last night, they told me How they are rebalancing their asset allocation. I said to my daddy : “but daddy, I do not know what you are talking about?”. And my daddy said : ” Honey, diversifying your portfolio is like having many toys. On some days, you play with your dolls, on other days, you may want to play with your trains. If you only had one toy, what happens when you want to play with something else?”.

Teacher : Thank very much SVB – you are very smart. Now, who is next? How about you Queer Cents.

Queer Cents : This is a cell phone. This phone has a video camera. I use it to take pictures. Yesterday, Mommy and I were at a restaurant and we heard two ladies talking next to us. One of them was asking for Help for an astonishing bad money decision. Mommy says never to listen to what other people say, but they were talking so loud. So I took a picture with the cell phone.

Teacher : You have to be careful Queer Cents. Some people are not happy about having their pictures taken. OK – Money Ning, I see you have something quite heavy to show us.

Money Ning : This is a weighing machine. When you stand on it, it tells you how heavy you are. I am very light. But my daddy and mommy are quite heavy. My daddy and mommy always tell me to exercise and eat well. Daddy says it is very important to be fit and slim. He is worried that his employer might start charging me money for being fat. He makes me do exercise everyday.

Teacher : Well, Money Ning, you look healthy and fit. Now Money and Such, what is this you have here?

Money and Such : This is a for house sale sign. When you want to sell your house, you stick this in your garden. My mommy is a real estate agent. She says before you put your house on sale, you need to know what is your house worth?. Mommy sells lots of houses. But this year, she is not selling many.

Teacher : I see. Millionaire Mommy Next Door, what do you have for us?

Millionaire Mommy Next Door : This is a notebook. Mommy gives me some money every week to some food. She makes me write down how much I spend, how much I got and she wants me to have money left at the end of the week. She always tells me that Evaluation is critical to your success. She give me two dollars every day. So I have ten dollars every week. Two times five is ten. I save about five dollars every week. I use to candy sometimes.

Teacher : Thank you very much. Financial Dominance, what is it you have there?

Financial Dominance : This is a chinese fan. When you are hot, you just move it and you will feel a breeze. We also have fans at home. Mommy says that using fans can Dramatically cut your cooling cost. My house has fans on top. You just turn on the switch and it moves and it is so cool.

Teacher : Very cool indeed. It’s your turn next Fire Finance. What do you have for us?

Fire Finance : This is a credit card. Actually it is my daddy’s old credit card. It looks like a phone card. Daddy says that when I am older, he will teach me all about credit cards, money and grown up stuff. Yesterday, daddy was telling me about Lies about Credit Card Debt on TV. He said never believe everything on TV or what you read.

Teacher : Free Money Finance, what is it you have in your hands?

Free Money Finance : This is a disney ticket. Daddy and Mommy took our family to Disneyland during summer. We really had a great time. I had lots of fun. Daddy says he did not have to spend too much money because he got lots of Disney money saving tips. We sat in so many rides. I like the “It’s a small world after all”, and the “lion king” ride.

Teacher : You must have had a wonderful vacation. Finance is Personal, why are you holding your lunch box?

Finance is Personal : This is my lunch box for show and tell. Mommy says I have to bring my lunch box to school everyday except friday when it is pizza day. She says she will let me my own food two times a week when I am in second grade. My mommy makes really good food for my lunch box. She really knows How to bring your lunch to work without ruining your taste buds. I wish I was in third grade now, so I can lunch everyday.

Teacher : Time will fly very fast. Dough Roller, is that a newspaper?

Dough Roller : This is Barron’s newspaper. Daddy is teaching me about money and how to make more money. Last wee, he taught me how to pick your first mutual fund. He says when I am 20, I will know more about money than all my friends.

Teacher : Uh…well…I guess it is never too young to learn. Edith Yeung, what are those envelops you have?

Edith Yeing : These are my daddy’s bank statement (realistically this will never happen!). My daddy was teaching me how to manage and maintain your bank account. But I still do not know what he is talking about. So I just went to play with my toys!

Teacher : That alright Edith, you are still young. Unclaimed Money, it’s your turn next.

Unclaimed Money : This is a calendar. It tells you the month and the day. Mommy says that you can save money by changing your shopping day. She says different things in supermarkets cost cheaper on some days. So my mommy goes to the supermarket EVERYDAY!

Teacher : Thank you. Stephanie, you’re next.

Stephanie : This is a shoe that Mommy bought for me at the church consignment shopping and garage sales. Mommy spent the day looking for things for me. All the stuff was very cheap. Some of the money Mommy spent went to the church. I love shopping with Mommy.

Teacher : Finally….Money Smart Life, what is that in your hands?

Money Smart Life : This is a picture of a man with no name. Last saturday, daddy sat down with this man he did not know and talked to him for a very long time. Daddy always told me not to talk to strangers and he was talking to strangers himself. I kept asking to me an ice cream, but he kept talking and talking. The man told my daddy how money can change a life.

Teacher : Thank you very children. You all did very well for your show and tell. It’s time for recess and lunch. So let all line up to go to the cafeteria.


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