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Carnival of Debt Reduction – Emmy Awards Edition


Welcome to the 105th Carnival of Debt Reduction – The Emmy Award Version. Tonight’s host is Tricia from Blogging Away Debt.

Tricia : Good evening everyone. I am absolutely honored to be your host. One of the very first steps we have to take is to actually find out How Do You Know You Are In Debt?, acknowledge if we are in debt and then take the necessary steps to face it. To present the award for the “Best Debt Reduction Knowledge Post”, here is SVB from the Digerati Life.

SVB : One of the ways I make sure I don’t get into any debt problems is that I make sure I budget and stick to it. Actually I have 10 Reasons Why I Love To Budget. But I am here to present the nominees for the “Best Debt Reduction General Knowledge Posts”. They are :

What Every Consumer Needs to Know About Debt Collectors by the Frugal Law Student.

Robbing Yourself Tomorrow To Pay For Today by Broke Ass Student.

How To Get Out of Debt – Part 2 by JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly.

Get Out of Debt – Part 1 by Free Money Finance.

A Closer Look At Debt Consolidation by The Happy Rock.

And the winner is…………A Closer Look At Debt Consolidation by The Happy Rock.


Happy Rock : Thank you. I would like to thank my parents to teaching me the values of money when I was young.

Tricia : To present the “Best Debt Reduction Advice Post” award is Brett The Frugal Law Student.

Brett : In my opinion, the first step for anyone who is in debt is to actually acknowledge it and ask yourself Why I Want To Get Out Of Debt. With that, the nominees for the “Best Debt Reduction Advice Posts” are :

Adding A Windfall to Your Snowball Debt Reduction from the Mighty Bargain Hunter.

Stop Using Credit Cards by No Credit Needed Blog.

5 Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt by Dink Finance.

Speed Up Debt Reduction with Just $5 A Day by My Wealth Builder.

Reduce My Debt – 5 Secrets For Success by My Debt Relief

Top 10 Tips For Reducing and Eliminating Debt by Mortgage Guide UK.

And the winner is……..Top 10 Tips For Reducing and Eliminating Debt by Mortgage Guide UK.

Mortgage Guide UK : It’s such an honor to win this award. I want to thank the judges and every one who has been such a big influence in my life. One tip I have for those really want to reduce your debt is to Create A Visual Debt Reminder to help you about your debt reduction efforts. Thank you once again.

Tricia : To present the “Best Finance Related Post” award, please welcome Jennifer of Broke Ass Student.

Jennifer : One of the very important thing is to always have supportive friends in your debt reduction effort. When People Are Less Than Supportive, it becomes much more difficult to achieve your goals.

The nominees for the “Best Finance Related Post” are :

5 Ways to Automate Your Finances from Online Savings Blog

How To Destroy Your Credit With Bad Mortgage Loan from The Digerati Life.

What Will You Sacrifice? from Single Ma.

A New View on Debt Reduction from Savings Advice.

Debt Snowball Thoughts by Paid Twice.

And the winner is ……What Will You Sacrifice? from Single Ma.

Single Ma : What can I say? I want to thank my children and every one who is part of my life.

Tricia : Our next guest is The Mighty Bargain Hunter. he will be presenting the “Best Debt Reduction Story” Award.

Mighty Bargain Hunter : The nominees for the “Best Debt Reduction Story” are :

To bankruptcy and Back by Smart Money Daily.

NO More Credit Card Debt by Clever Dude.

How We Paid Down Our Debt and Saved Money at The Same Time? by My Two Dollars.

And the winner is……..How We Paid Down Our Debt and Saved Money at The Same Time? by My Two Dollars.

My Two Dollars : Gosh! I don’t know what to say except that it really feels good to have no debt. I want to thank the judges, my family and friends. I also want to thank other bloggers for their inspiration. This post by Canajun Finance Don’t Pass It To The Other Team is something you have to check out. Now that I have got out of debt, I am beginning to save more and build up my savings and equity. I have been very encouraged by Bryan Flemmings Million Dollar Savings Club Turning 1 Year Old. In fact, now that I’m out of debt, there are actually 5 Things We’ll Pay More For since we can afford it.

Tricia : Well, that’s all folks. We like to thank everyone for making this Carnival of Debt Reduction such a wonderful event. Until Next Time……

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