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Can I Get An American Express Credit Card After Bankruptcy?


This is a recent email I got from Stu.

how difficult is it to get a new amex card after filing bankrupcy, I paid them in full before filing

Answer – Stu – to get to the bottom of this, I actually called American Express. The first person I spoke to was from customer service and she was not able to answer that. Then she transferred me to “new accounts” and this was the answer I got from them.

A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for potentially up to 10 years. As long as you have a bankruptcy record on your credit report, American Express will not approve the card. I then asked them if someone could put you as an authorized user on an Amex Card. The answer was it should not be a problem though he cannot be 100% certain about that.

So there you go, the short answer is no.


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