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Buy a Fire Engine For $500 – Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I am going to take a break from writing about credit cards for a couple of days. In fact, this post is a little whacky so please do not take this seriously. Today, we attended the Memorial Day parade at our township. Our kids rode on a fire engine with the Church Youth group. Below are some pics from the parade.





What was really interesting was when I found out that the fire engine was actually owned by someone I knew! Now, for as long as there are personal finance bloggers, there will always be a post about whether to a new or used car, or lease, pay cash or take a loan, yadi yadi ya. Here is just a sample of post about ing cars.

10 Reasons to a new car!

Bible Money Matters tells us about his car purchase.

Occasionally, a post about selling cars gets on the front page of Digg and brings you a flood of visitors!

But, here’s one idea. How about ing a FIRE ENGINE for $500. Yes, that fire engine in the pictures costs just $500! An friend of mine Tom bought it last month for $500! Yes, only $500!

But why one?

  • nobody has them! Lots of people have vintage cars. John Travolta collects MIGs. So why not collect some antique fire engines
  • It is a sure ticket to get into a memorial parade – why watch when you can participate in your own fire engine!
  • They will probably be a decent investment – alright, you won’t strike gold with it but lik vintage cars, they surely will hold some value
  • Your kids can brag about it!
  • It’s only $500 – what do you have to lose?
  • There are obviously a couple of things to be aware off. You need a place to park it. If you have a decent size house with a long driveway, why not? You also need to know (or know someone) who can fix the engine if it breaks down.

    In fact, if you head over to ebay right now, there’s a vintage 1965 fire engine going for $2500 (a little pricey!).

    What say you? Would you a fire engine for $500?


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