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Amex Platinum Card Year End Expense Summary


While clearing my desk yesterday, I came across a mail that I did not open. I opened it and realized that it was the American Express Platinum Credit Card Year End Expense Summary. It actually came in a booklet and had 11 pages.

The first page had a table that broke down the expenses by month and category. The categories were travel, restaurants, merchandise, auto, other merchants and fees and adjustments. Below that table was a graph showing the percent of each category that was charged to the card. Here was my breakdown.

Travel – 10%
Restaurants – 24%
Merchandise – 24%
Auto – <1% Other Merchants - 61% Fees & Adjustments - 2% Page 4 broke down the expenses by month, category and furthermore by myself and Mrs Credit Card. From page 5 until page 11, they showed the precise charges by category. Hence for travel, I can see all travel related expenses on one page. So here is a summary of the spending on the Amex Platinum Card last year. Total spending : $43,179.74 Travel : $4,124.34 Restaurant : $1,412.06 Merchandise : $10,407.05 Auto : $46.83 Other Merchants : $26,322.21 Fees & Adjustments : $867.25 Bear in mind that I use this card mainly for business expenses. I use the Blue Cash as the main card for our personal expenses. I really like this booklet as it is really professional done and I can keep them for my records rather than having to keep all the statements in a file. All my business expense are now in a single booklet.

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