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79th Carnival of Debt Reduction


I am honored to host the 79th Carnival of Debt Reduction. This carnival will be in the format of a Debt Reduction University Course and Requirements. I have excluded some posts which are not debt related and also because it was too brief and I felt it will not add value to readers. In fact, some of the post below are not precisely about debt reduction (eg about savings), but I’ve included them because they are still somewhat relevant. If your post has been excluded, no hard feelings, write a better, more relevant post for future carnivals. So let’s get going :


Welcome Message from Dean of University of Debt Reduction

Welcome, new students of the Debt Reduction University. My name is Mr Credit Card and I am the Dean of the University of Debt Reduction. Congratulations for taking this first massive step to educate yourself on how to reduce your credit card debt. I would like to take this opportunity to outline your course requirements and introduce your to our Debt Professors.

After this, I would like to invite all of you to the auditorium to watch a report on Summary of MTV True Life – I’m in Debt by Frugal Law Student. The Frugal Law Student will talk about a show on MTV about how young people get into debt. Let me be clear about this : This is not how you want your life to be. Anyone caught with such attitudes will be expelled immediately!

Now, on to a more important topic : To get your Bachelor’s Degree in Debt Reduction, you will have to pass with Distinction in the following compulsory courses :

Course Outline

1. Free Money Finance – How to get out of debt?. The first basic course is conducted by Professor Free Money Finance. This is an in depth course that introduces you to the basics of Debt Reduction.

2. The second mandatory course is conducted by Opportunities a Plenty on Preventing Identity Theft. This course a very important topic because identity theft is becoming a major problem. It is vital that you learn from Professor Steve Faber about this topic. Prevention is sure better than cure.

3. While this course is not about Debt Reduction, we have included this because nobody teaches this in school. In this course, Professors at Queercents will teach you how to find a financial planner?. The earlier you put in place a financial plan, the higher your probability of achieving your financial goals. The folks at Queercents have added tons of resources on how to interview a financial planner.

The last course that you will have have to complete is Debt Free versus Financially Free by Walt Nation. After taking this course, you will learn the importance of focusing on financial freedom as well as debt freedom. You will learn why it is important to focus not on “debt reduction”, but on “financial freedom” because if all your subconscious is “fed with” the word “debt”, then you be unconsciously making it harder for yourself to get out of debt! The importance of your midset is what you will get from this course.


Throughout the year, we have have seminars from former graduates of the Debt Reduction University to give you some real life tips on saving money and debt reduction tips.

Next week, we have SearchLight to tell you if you should you pay your mortgage faster?. SearchLight goes through in detail how to look at this issue and how to make the right decision.

During the month of April, we have Debt is slavery presented by the Mighty Bargain Hunter. The Mighty Bargain Hunter, in my opinion, has Zen Philosophy and cautions you on cluttering your life and home with too many unnecessary items. He highlights the “true cost” of actually owning something.

In May, Debt Blitzkrieg follows Mighty Bargain Hunters advice and actually shows us that it is time to unstuff.

In June, Silicon Valley Blogger will tell you how to throw a kids birthday party without spending a fortune. Silicon Valley Blogger graduated last year and will give you some really practical advice on this money saving tip.

In July, Brian C Flemming will teach you in ins and outs of opening a 6 percent online savings account. Online savings account are the rage these days because they seemingly offer better rates than a regular savings account. However, you have to be careful about any fineprints with these deals. Brian explains these in great detail.

In August, Investing in your debt by pfadvice.com will be the topic. For those of you who have credit card debt, pf advice suggest that you get rid of this debt before even thinking about investing in the stock market.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from this University, you have to complete all mandatory courses and attend all seminars. For each compulsory course, you will need to submit reports, projects and a final exam. Our standards are very high and we expect quality work from all of you.


I would also like to make an announcement that Professor Phil For Humanity will be leaving his post. Phil for Humanity has published a work on Think before Donating where he actually questions the rationale for donating to charities even when you are in debt. We as a faculty disagree with his views because to have abundance in life, you have to give before you receive. Giving to the less fortunate is a sign that you know that there is enough of goodness to go around. We believe that the more you give, the more you will receive.

Final Words

The Thinking Men have published a post on Financial Insecurity in America. In this post, he mentions about the idea of having financial education in school, like teaching how to avoid credit card debt. Well, whether or not it happens, there is lots of free education from highly esteemed professors here at the Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Once again, I congratulate you for taking the step to enroll in our University program. I wish you all the best and see you at graduation.

March 20, 2007 @ 4:35 am

Thanks for including me in the Carnival!!!


March 20, 2007 @ 5:56 am

Thanks very much for hosting MrCC!

March 20, 2007 @ 12:17 pm

Very nice! I’ll be including your link at the top of my carnival round up on Thursday.


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