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Gettington Credit Card Account

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By : Mr Credit Card

Gettington is a great shopping card account to add as a credit line because

  • You do not have to pay any annual fees or membership fees
  • They report to all 3 credit bureaus
  • They do have products and sales that are sometimes cheaper than mainstream stores
  • Great additional credit line to add to your credit report especially if you are rebuilding

Who is
Who is was formed in 2009 and is part of BlueStream Brands. Bluedstem Brands own several online commerce properties including Fingerhut. In fact, both Gettington and Fingerhut are pretty similar though consumers reviews tells us that Gettington probably has cheaper prices.

Gettington sells branded goods and many products on their website. In fact, you could describe them as a huge online shopping mall. They also offer you a credit account so that you could pay your purchases over time. It is this credit account that is the subject of our review since having accounts such as these could help you improve your credit.
Card Details
Card Details

Annual Fee : None. There is no annual fee for this account.

Easy Option Financing : 19.90%

Fast Option Financing : 14.90%

As you can see above, there are two types of financing, the Easy and Fast options. You have to choose either one before you make your online purchase. The Easy Option is actually the standard option. After you make a purchase, you will have to pay a minimum of either 5.5% of the purchase price or $20. The amounts will adjust as you make new purchases and will go to zero wen you have paid off.

Under the Fast Option, you will be paying off your purchases (with interest) in four monthly installments. If you make (for example) two purchases on Fast Option Financing, then your minimum payment will be the sum of the two Fast Option monthly minimums.
Peer Comparison
Peer Comparison

Account Monthly Fee Interest Rate Credit Bureau Reporting
Gettington N.A. Easy Option : 19.90%
Fast Option : 14.90%
3 Bureaus
Fingerhut N.A. 24.90% 3 Bureaus
Net First Platinum $19.95 a month 0% TransUnion and Equifax
Next Millenmium $19.95 a month 0% Unsure
Vast Platinum $19.95 a month 0% Unsure
New Horizon $19.95 a month 0% Unsure

There are many online shopping portals commerce stores that offer credit accounts to their customers who would like a credit line and spread out their payments. Since consumers who have good credit will simply use their regular credit cards, As a result, customers of these ecommerce stores tend to have bad credit. And over time, getting one of these credit accounts is actually a means to improve your credit score. However, some credit accounts do not report to credit bureaus (so from a credit rebuilding standpoint they are useless).

The ones that are listed above are online shopping sites with credit accounts that will report to credit bureaus (though many only report to one). However, many of the ones listed above charge membership fees in order for you to get a credit account. For example, stores like Horizon Gold, Next Millennium, Net First Platinum and Vast Platinum all charge you a monthly fee of $19.95 to be a "member". You do get some benefits like roadside assistance! But essentially, you will be paying $239.40 a year in fees just to be a member. You also have to pay an upfront fee of $29.95. Unlike Gettington however, these shopping portals do not charge any interest rate for your purchases. That means you can pay over time without interest (but you do have to pay those membership fees).

In contrast, Gettington does not charge any fees at all. However, you do have to pay interest (which is pretty competitive relatively to prime credit cards. The only other shopping we know of that is comparable to them is Fingerhut. And Fingerhut is owned by the same parent as Gettington (Bluestem Brands). Like Gettington, they do not charge any annual or monthly fees. Best of all, both these report to all three credit bureaus.

Opinion and Verdict
Opinion and Verdict

If you are a rebuilder and are looking for additional credit lines to boost your score, then I would recommend that you consider joining Gettington and applying for a credit line. The reason is that it is one of the few shopping site credit accounts that charges no annual fee and they report to all three bureaus.

Skeptics might point to the fact that you would probably get cheaper stuff from Well, if you have prime credit, then that is correct. You could simply shop at with your prime card. But for those of you who have poor credit and are in a rebuilding mode, then this is an viable alternative.

Some might argue that since this credit account can only be used at, and that it is like a "store card". But some store cards are hard to get if you have damaged credit. And getting carries a large variety of products. In fact, consumer have reported on special deals, you could get prices that are lower than Walmart or Target. The trick is to know what sort of products have reasonable prices (bedsheets) and what products to avoid (like HDTV).

If you are a rebuilder, and you already have a unsecured card (like Credit One, then you should consider getting another line of credit. And Gettington would be a great choice. And here is the reason. If for example you have a Credit One, you will likely get an initial credit of $300 to $400. And you will likely get a credit increase relatively quickly as well. But you could use more help in boosting your credit scores than just having one credit line. You could get another unsecured card, but you will end up paying more annual fees. But if you get a Gettington credit account, you will get an increase in your overall credit lines in your credit report without having to pay any fees.