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Credit Score: 640 Credit Limit: 800 Age: 25-34
Approved 22 months after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $22000
Posted 05/12 2018
Overall Rating:
seems like it would be a good card for those with lower credit, as there is no annual fee or any monthly fees like i see some of the other credit cards for lower credit scores have. i had read something else that said something about 0% interest for so many months for purchases and balance transfers, however that was either incorrect or was not offered to me. on the fence about cancelling the card before i activate it as i dont want too many cards and already have 2 with cap one ($850, $3,000) as well as 3 store cards with cap one (kohls-$1,300, maurices-$300, menards-$2500). also have a card with kay jewelers, through genesis bank for $3700. the card seems less appealing to me with the $800 limit, as well as no 0% interest like i thought i'd read about. i'm already using the lower limit cap one card for regular bills on auto pay and paying in full.
Credit Score: 640 Credit Limit: 2500 Age: 35-44
Approved 1 year after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $46800
Posted 11/03 2017
Overall Rating:
Payments take a lot of time to clear. I applied to a better interest card about 2 weeks ago and was approved with a credit line of $3000. I consolidated all my credit cards into this one new card. All cards have been paid, except OLLO. OLLO does not take wire transfers, therefore payment was sent via regular mail. I has been more than 10 days and OLLO claims they have not received payment.
Credit Score: 664 Credit Limit: 2000 Age: 55-64
Approved 9 years (still on CR) after Bankruptcy
Income On Application: $40000
Posted 07/30 2017
Overall Rating:
Very surprised at the limit, but still skeptical, since I haven't gotten an email confirmation. Anyone else in the same boat?
Credit Score: 0 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 25-34
Posted 05/08 2017
Overall Rating:
so my scores are like 675 area and I got the invitation in the mail. The question is that I already have the capital one quicksilver, fingerhut, credit one, and macys. Is there really a need for this given the lack of track record. I'm just tempted to wait until my score reaches 700 and get a "real" and "proper" card. Right now, I think I risk getting approved for the Ollo but having a tiny limit.
Credit Score: 634 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 35-44
Posted 05/03 2017
Overall Rating:
Score was 634 and I got approved for $300. The limit kind of sucks cos my other cards like credit one gave me the same starting limit. But there is no annual fee compared to credit one and my other cards.

With credit one, I did get an increase in credit lines after six months. Let's see how this card fares in that regard.
Credit Score: 642 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/27 2017
Overall Rating:
here's what I see as the pros and cons

1. no fx fee
2 no late payment and over-the-limit fee

1. no annual fee
2. no 0% intro offer

I applied just to add some total credit lines to my portfolio.
Credit Score: 668 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 25-34
Posted 04/18 2017
Overall Rating:
Just as a reference, I got the mail invitation and my score was 668. I did not apply because the interest rate is high to me. 24.9% is definitely sub-prime type of APR.

This card is definitely competing with Capital One. It does not charge any foreign transaction fee so those of you who travel abroad may want to look at this. I will pass for now and go for an Amex once my score goes above 700.