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Hyatt Credit Card Promotion: 2 Free Nights?

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Executive Summary - At this moment, Hyatt is having a 2 free night promotion for new applicants to the card. But there is more to it than meets the eye. In fact, if you are an elite member, the perk becomes more valuable!

Right now, new card members will get 2 free night's stay at any Hyatt hotels after spending $1,000 within the first three months. And your sign up bonus depends on your status with Hyatt.

New members and Gold Members - If you are a new member or just have a regular Gold status, you will get two free nights on any Hyatt rooms (ie up to category 6)

Platinum member - If you are a Platinum member, you get 2 free nights and 2 suite upgrades.

Diamond member - If you are a diamond member, you get 2 free nights in a suite!

To find the value of this sign up bonus, we have to look at the number of points required for a night's stay at Hyatt's highest category.

The chart below shows the points required for stays at Hyatt hotels from category one all the way to six. you can see that you can redeem points for both standard room and deluxe rooms. For gold members, the 2 night stays is good for standard rooms. So this sign up perk is worth a total of 44,000 points if you redeem for category 6 rooms (and you should never redeem it for a low category!)

For platinum members, the 2 free nights is also worth 44,000 points. But Platinum members are also given two suite upgrades. A suite upgrade requires 6,000 points. So for two upgrades, the value is 12,000 points. Obviously, you have to pay for the suite to get the upgrade. Hence, if you make use of the suite upgrade, the total value of the sign up bonus is 56,000 points.

For diamond, a category six suite requires 33,000 points. So the value of this sign up promotion is worth 66,000 points.

Examples of category 6 hotels include the Grand Hyatt New York, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort, Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, Part Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Maldives, Hyatt Regency London.

The sign up bonus will come in real handy for couples looking to score a couple of nights of free rooms for their honeymoon or vacation.

Recall that you also get an anniversary bonus each year for one free night stay for up to a category four hotel. That means that this feature is worth 15,000 points because that the rate required for a standard room for a category 4 Hyatt hotel. Below are some examples of category four hotels in the US.

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