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Up to 40,000 Bonus Miles Promotion - Frontier Airlines World MasterCard®

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Executive Summary - This section highlights the latest sign up bonus promotion offered by this card. We'll look at how you can earn those miles and examine how much they are worth.

As we have mentioned in the introduction of our review, there are tow versions of this card. There is an annual fee and a no annual fee version and they have different sign up bonus promotions.

Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles - If you get approved for the annual fee version, then you could potentially get up to 450,000 bonus miles. Here is how it works. After spending $500 within the first 90 days, you get 40,000 bonus miles.

For the final 10,000 bonus miles, you need to do a balance transfer to earn them. Here is how it works. You will get one mile for every dollar that you transfer a balance over from another card. You can earn up to 10,000 additional bonus miles. That means that to earn this, you need to transfer $10,000 over. The balance transfer fee for the first 15 months is $10 or 3% of the BT (which ever is greater). So if you transfer $10,000, the balance transfer fee is $300. That means that each mile cost you 3 cents. Most frequent flyer will not pay 3 cents for one frequent flyer mile. So I really would not suggest that you transfer a balance just to earn the additional miles.

The other thing that I do not like about the balance transfer deal is that most people who apply for frequent flyer affinity cards do not carry a balance and hence, this aspect is almost redundant.

Question is that even with this, is this a good promotion and what can the points get you? Let's zoom in on the annual fee version because 35,000 miles can get you places. For frontier airlines, you only need 20,000 miles to redeem for a domestic flight. If you have the annual fee card, you also need 5,000 less miles if you are redeeming for a companion ticket. Therefore, 35,000 miles gets you two round trip domestic tickets (with a companion). That is actually pretty good value for a sign up bonus.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose between the different versions and approval will depend on your credit score and other factors deemed important by Barclays and Frontier.

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