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BJs Credit Card Review - Earn 2% Rebates At BJs

bj's credit card Summary - BJ's is one of the largest warehouse club (along with Costco). For folks who shop here a lot, the BJ's Visa credit card has something to offer their members.

Earning Rebates At BJ's - The BJ's credit card allows you to earn 2% cash rebates when you use your card at BJs stores, gas station and at When the card is used elsewhere, you earn one point for every dollar that you spend (the standard rate). You are also allowed to earn extra points on special promotions.

What Are BJ Reward Points Worth - Once you have earned 3,000 points, they can be redeemed for $30 in BJ Bucks, which can obviously be used at BJs stores.

BJ's Credit Card Peer Comparison'

BJ's is actually a wholesale club and we will actually compare this card with the other big "wholesale club card", the Costco credit card and also with other regular supermarket cards.

BJ's vs Costco Card - Though BJ's and Costco are are wholesale warehouse clubs, their credit cards could not be more different. While BJ allows cardholders to earn 2% rebates for their purchases, the Costco credit card only allows you to earn the standard 1%! Instead, Costco let's you earn 3% at gasoline and 2% at dining and travel expense. The BJ's credit look more like a proper "store rewards card", whereas the Costco card is more like a regular cash back card.

BJ's vs Other Supermarket Credit Cards - The BJ's credit card fares pretty well against other grocery credit cards. Most lets you earn double points at their stores (which BJ's match by allowing you 2%). Some like Ralph's allow you to earn triple points for their in house brands, but BJ's has no such feature. The other thing that BJ has is that you can earn double points on their gas station and as well their online store. Other supermarket stores do not have these features.

If Your Shop At BJ's, Get The BJ's Credit Card

Verdict -BJ's is a discount warehouse wholesale club. I keep mentioning this because it is different from a supermarket. If BJ's were a supermarket, I would be telling you to avoid getting their credit card because cards like the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard® allows you to earn 2X points at all supermarket purchases. But because BJ's is not considered a supermarket, you cannot earn 2X with that card. So our recommendation is to get this card if you are a BJ's member because you can earn 2% cash rebates (and you cannot earn that elsewhere). And if you shop at regular supermarkets as well, then you can supplement the card with the barclays rewards mastercard.