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Carnival Cruise Line Gift Cards

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Executive Summary - Part 3 of our Carnival Cruise MasterCard review looks at the gift cards that are accepted on Carnival Cruise. We also look at the gift cards that you can earn from various programs and in particular, the one from Discover Card because it looks like a great alternative to earnings compared to this card.

One of the more frequently asked questions is which gift cards can be used on board? The answer is really any gift card except those from American Express. That means, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB gift cards can be used. Note that though Amex gift cards cannot be used, their credit cards can be used on board.

This brings us to the next interesting section in this review. And it is interesting because the Discover More Card also allows you to exchange your cash rebates that you have earned for gift cards. And for cruise gift card partners, you can double the value of you cash rebates if you exchange for them (see chart below). Most other credit card reward programs allow you to redeem your points for Carnival gift cards as well. But they do not allow you to double the value of the points you have earned. This point is important because this card allows you to earn double FUN Points. But what Discover is offering is essentially the same in a reverse way.

And they do not just offering double the value on Carnival Cruise, but also on Princess Cruise and Holland Line America, which can also be redeemed with points from this card.

When all is said and done, the Discover More Card is a really good alternative to the Carnival Cruise credit card.

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