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Discover 5% Discount on Carnival Cruise Cash Back Deal

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Executive Summary - If you are researching the Carnival Cruise MasterCard, you should also be aware that Discover More offers cardholders 5% rebates when you book their Carnival Cruise trip online through their shopping portal. This is the best credit card deal for Carnival cruise and it appears to be even better than this card.

One of the things potential applicants should also know is that the Discover Card also has partnerships with Carnival Cruise and all major cruise companies through their shopping portal If you use your Discover More Card and purchase tickets for Carnival at their site when you log into your Discover account, you will get a 5% cash rebate. You can also get 5% when you tickets on their other cruise partners. Below is a screen shot of their cruise partners.

When you click on any of the cruise partners, it will take you to a terms and conditions page (like the Carnival Cruise one below)

Simply clicking the the start shopping button will take you to Carnival Cruises' site.

This is very significant because even though Carnival allows you to earn double points when you purchase their tickets, their redemption value of their Fun Points is only 1%. Therefore, 5% rebates (or discount is how I look at it) offers much more value.

But if you think this is great, wait till you you read about Discover's Carnival gift card exchange value! Up next.

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