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Christina Majaski

Christina Majaski is a full time legal assistant/paralegal for a law office that specializes in family law, bankruptcy, real estate and probate matters. She is also a freelance writer for online and print publications and has written for Guideposts, and Style Magazine with Times Media.

In addition to lending her experience to Ask Mr. Credit Card’s blog, Christina operates two of her own websites, manages and writes for the Alonai Footwear blog, contributes articles to Blend.com and writes articles for the Northeast Minneapolis Crime Watch.
Christina is a full-time student studying for her degree in Business Management-Information Technology. She has been employed in a wide range of fields including writing for the local newspaper and covering city council and school board meetings. She currently resides in a tiny town in central Minnesota with her 7 year old daughter.

What’s in Christina’s Wallet? – Christina is in the process of rebuilding her credit and at present, she has a few credit cards that she uses. Her primary card is the Capital One Platinum Card. Aside from that she also has the Household Bank MasterCard, the Macys Card, the Hooters credit card and Target and the Best Buy credit card.

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