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Dodge Rewards MasterCard Credit Card Review

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Feature Summary
  • Earn three points at Dodge dealerships
  • Earn double points for travel expenses
  • Points can be used for the purchase or lease of a new Dodge
  • No annual fee
Executive Summary - Along with the Jeep and the Chrysler credit cards, this one from Dodge is also issued by the National Bank of Omaha. It is one of newer auto credit cards is you can use points for the purchase and lease of a new Dodge vehicle.

Summary - The Chrysler group has recently relaunched their group of credit cards. Chrysler fans can now get their credit cards in either Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram designs. They all essentially have the same reward features. But the more relevant question is how does this card stack up against other auto cards? Let's find out.

How much rewards can you earn? - The Dodge MasterCard allows you to earn 3 points for every dollar that you spend at Chrysler dealerships. You can earn double points for travel related expenses like airfares, hotel bookings etc. For normal stuff, you earn one point. You can earn unlimited points on your Dodge card.

What can you use your points for? - The points that you have earned can be used to pay for repairs and servicing at Chrysler dealerships and also for auto parts purchased there. Chrysler apparently also has a reward program that allows you to redeem for merchandises and cash rebates.

Fees and Rates - The Dodge Rewards MasterCard has no annual fees.

Dodge MasterCard Compared With It's Peers

Dodge is one of the four MasterCards that are issued by Chrysler. They all have the same reward formula (just different designs based on the four different brands). It is interesting to note that Dodge previously had a credit card under Bank of America. But they discontinued it and this is their new card. The previous card actually had a slightly better rewards system in that you could earn 5 points for any purchase at Chrysler dealership (it is now 3 points). Back then, you could also use points for either a purchase or lease of a new Dodge vehicle. Now, you can only use it for servicing and parts purchase (and their reward program).

As much as we could moan the fact that the rewards are not what they used to be, the same thing is happening across all other auto credit cards. Many cards are no longer available and most have very similar reward features. The only exception is the GM Card, which still allows you to use points to purchase at GM vehicle.

Is the Dodge Credit Card Worth Getting

Verdict - I've mentioned this point in every one of my auto credit card reviews and I'll say it again here. I'm really not a big fan of these cards. Most folks who are savvy about earning rewards do not do it with auto rewards. If you intend to buy a Dodge and would like nothing better than to redeem points for your servicing, then go ahead and apply for this card. But then again, if you buy a new vehicle, most of your repairs and servicing will be under warranty? So unless you are a die hard Dodge fan, I would give this card a skip.

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