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Jeep Rewards MasterCard Credit Card Review

Summary - The Jeep Rewards MasterCard has just been revamped and is now issued by First National Bank of Omaha (it was previously issued by Bank of America). The rewards are the same as other Chrysler cards like Dodge, Ram and Chrysler credit cards (they just have different designs).

Reward Formula - The Jeep Rewards MasterCard allows you to earn three points for every dollar that you spend at any Chrysler dealerships. You can earn two points for every dollar that you spend on travel related expenses like airfare bookings, hotels. For other regular purchases, you earn the normal one point for every dollar that you spend. You can earn unlimited points.

What Can The Points Be Used For? - The reward points that you have earned can be used for servicing at Chrysler dealerships and also for auto parts. Unlike the old BOA version, you cannot use it for the purchase or lease of a Jeep vehicle.

Fees and Rates - The Jeep Rewards MasterCard has no annual fee.

Jeep Rewards MasterCard Peer Comparison

The Jeep Rewards MasterCard is actually one of four cards from Chrysler. They basically are the same (ie same rewards etc). One thing to note is that the new cards (vs the old ones that were issued by BOA) allows you to earn triple points whereas previously , you could earn five points. In the past, you could also redeem the points for either the purchase or lease of a new Chrysler vehicle. But right now, you could only redeem it for auto parts and servicing.

While this looks like a step down (and it is), most auto credit cards these days are pretty similar. The only exception is GM, whose reward points can still be redeemed for new vehicles.

Should You Get the Jeep Rewards MasterCard?

Verdict - Once in a while, I will stumble across an auto forum and inevitably, there will be threads about the design of their auto credit card. If you are a true fan of Jeep and would like to have a credit card with their design on it, then I guess you will get this card. But for rewards purposes, I do not really see the point of using rewards for servicing. If you get a new car, warranty should take care of any parts and servicing (at least for 3 years). I'm sure you can tell by now that I'm generally not in favor of auto credit cards. I suggest you give this a skip and focus of other types of rewards cards instead.