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Dodge Rewards - What Can You Redeem For?

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Executive Summary - It turns out that not only can you redeem points for Dodge vehicles, you can also get cash back and airline tickets. But is it worth using the points for other purposes? We will explore this here.

Most cardholders will be asking what can they do with the points that they have earned with the card. As we mentioned earlier, not only can you redeem your points for Dodge vehicles, but you can also redeem them for other rewards. We will explore them below.

But first, let's look at the value of the points if you redeem them for Dodge products. You can use points for a new or used vehicle. You can also use points for accessories or services. The value of 1,000 points is $10. That means that you are getting a 1% return, which is pretty standard for most reward programs. The screen shot below shows the page where you can calculate the value of your rewards.

But aside from redeeming points for their vehicles, you could also redeem them for other rewards. But are they worth it? Well, we are going to find out.

You can redeem your points for the group's gift cards. The screen shot below shows you the type of gift cards as well as the number of points required for a certain value. As you can see from the screen shot, it only pays to exchange at least 5,000 points for gift cards since you will be getting one that is worth $50 (ie 1% return). If you want a $25 gift card, you will need 3,000 points (less that 1% return).

You can also exchange your points for cash back. I've taken another screen shot below. You can see that you need 3,500 points to get $25 in cash back, 8,500 points to get $75 and 10,000 points to get $100. So to make it worthwhile, you need to exchange 10,000 points for $100 in cash back because that is at least a 1% exchange ratio.

This card also allows you to use your points for travel. According to their site, you can choose your own flights and find out the cost, and their travel agents will book it for you. If you have enough points, you can get them for free. Below is a screen shot of their airline ticket rewards. Note that compared to the other rewards, it is quite good value. For example, for 20,000 points, you can use it to get an airline ticket between $200 and $250. In fact, the payout is more than 1%. So this is probably the best feature of the reward program.

There are other rewards available like gift cards, merchandise and experiential rewards. But the ones we mentioned above are the main ones. Having said all that, the main reason you are getting this card is to earn rewards for Dodge products and not for these other rewards. Nevertheless, there may come a point where you have reward points left and you want to use them up. It is then that these rewards will come in handy.

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