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Gift Card Redemption Partners of Discover it® Card

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Executive Summary - As we mentioned earlier, redeeming the cash back you have earned for gift cards is one of the options you have. In this part of the review, we'll explain why you actually get the best bang for the buck if you do this

As we mentioned in our introduction, there are several ways in which you can redeem your cash back. You could request a direct deposit, redeem for merchandise (not recommended), donate them to charities and also exchange them for gift cards.

Normally, this should not excite anyone. But there is difference with this card (and with all Discover Cards). And that is if you exchange your cash back for gift cards, you will get a value on the gift card that is greater than the value of the cash back that you exchanged for. In fact, for certain merchants, you can get double the value.

That means that in terms of value, redeeming your rewards for gift cards represents that best value and use. To understand what we are saying, just look at the screen shot below. It shows you their gift card partners and also the amount of cash back required to exchange for a certain value in gift cards. Notice that if the hotel and cruise category, you can get double the value.


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