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Balance Transfer Promotion & Deal: Discover it® Card

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Executive Summary - This part of our review highlights the 0% APR promotion of this card. Bear in mind that this often changes. So it is best to check back often.

There are presently two different balance transfer and 0% APR for purchase promotions going on for this card (so that means that there are two different versions whose only difference is the promotion).

0% 18/6 Promotion - For this card, new card members get a balance transfer promotion that works the following way. You get 0% Introductory APR when you transfer a balance over for 18 months. This is probably the longest introductory promotion going on at the moment. You do have to pay a 3% BT fee.

At the same time, there is also a 0% introductory APR offer for purchases that is good for six months. That means that any purchase you make on the card does not incur any interest for that period. If you are the sort that pays your balance in full, then this should not matter.

You can apply for this version here.

0% 14/14 Promotion - Discover has a slightly different promotion going on at the same time that is slightly different from this one. With this version, new card members get 0% introductory APR for balance transfers for 14 months (slightly less than the above version). But you also get 0% APR for purchases for 14 months (much longer period). This version might appeal better to folks who know that want a Discover card and are going to put a large purchase on the card soon (perhaps due to a home renovation project!).

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