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Chase Freedom
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Credit Score: 728 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 35-44
Posted 06/06 2015
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I got this card and had a $6k CL. I also had an old WAMU card (which was bought by Chase) and had a $7k CL. So in total, I had a total of $13k CL with Chase. I have other cards as well and for years, I have been paying my bills on time every month. I have never been late. For both those Chase cards, I had about $5k in balance between the two cards. One day, due to some extra funds that appeared, I decided to pay off my balances (I do not carry a balance with my other cards). After I paid off the balance, Chase cut my lines to just a few hundred dollars. To say that I was pissed was a massive understatement. I called the CSR and asked for an explanation but all I got was that my utilization ratio was high. This was ridiculous because I carried no balance with my other cards and I just paid off my Chase cards (and they cut the lines). Even the supervisor could not help. At the end, they were blunt and said I was high risk and they could not do anything! So needless to say, I cancelled both these cards and simply used my other cards. My advice to all: DO NOT GET ANY CHASE CARDS!!