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Sheetz Secured Visa
Consumer Reviews, Credit Score and Income Needed, Credit Limits

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Credit Score: 530 Credit Limit: 300 Age: 25-34
Posted 02/12 2018
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I applied for regular sheetz visa and got the 7-10 day message. Then I found out I was denied. But then a couple of weeks later, I got an email to sign up for their secured credit card. I do use Sheetz stations a lot so I thought this would be a good way to rebuild my credit and save some money on gas. I was approved and deposited $300. Got the card two weeks later.

After using my card for about a month, I checked my credit reports and sure enough, it was reported as secured. I also checked their website and it turns out that I will be considered for an unsecured card after 11 months. We'll see what happens.
Credit Score: 545 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 35-44
Posted 01/08 2017
Overall Rating: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingno star rating
A nasty divorce left my credit in shambles. In my research of how folks rebuild their credit, I was pretty sure that I was going the secured route. And I also discovered that there were some secured cards that came with reward programs like Discover, Sheetz, Best Western, AeroMexico and some other airline cards from US Bank. Since I am not a traveler, I chose the Discover IT and Sheetz secured cards. I was approved for both.

I have had good experiences with both. They have easy to use apps and I can check my FICO score. Since I live in an area with lots of Sheetz station, I also get to save money on gas. It has been 8 months now. I've read that folks have graduated to unsecured for both these cards. Keeping my fingers crossed. My scores have also gone up like 70 points so all is going well so far.
Credit Score: 542 Credit Limit: 400 Age: 25-34
Posted 12/09 2015
Overall Rating: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingno star rating
Out here in Pennsylvania, Sheetz stations are common and so it was quite a no brainer to go with this card since I am rebuilding. I spend about $100 on gas a month and that is all I put on the card together with my netflix account. I have it all set on auto pay so I would not miss a payment. I like that I can check my credit score with them and this has come in very handy. They are also good at reporting and I found out that they reported to all three bureaus after I got my first statement.