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Macy's Credit Card vs Macy's American Express

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Executive Summary - In this section, we look at the difference between the store card and the "Amex" credit card versions of Macy. The Amex versions give more perks. So read on to find out more.

Besides the different colored Macyâs store cards that are available, the Macyâs Red Card, the Macyâs Gold Card, Macyâs Platinum and Macyâs Elite (or the Black Card), there are also Macyâs American Express Cards. These cards are the Macyâs American Express and Macyâs Preferred American Express.

All of the cards have the same interest rate of 24.5% and no annual fee. The biggest difference between the regular store cards and the American Express cards are the spending requirements and the Star Rewards program.

The Star Rewards program was at one time, available to all Macyâs cardholders. Currently, the only cardholders that are eligible for the Star Rewards program are those that carry one of the two American Express cards. Although the regular store card holders receive discounts for shopping and special sales when they use the card, they are not eligible for the Star Rewards program where you actually earn rewards on purchases.

Macyâs American Express cardholders also receive access to shopping, dining and entertainment offers through American Express Selects. Members receive exclusive discounts on savings on travel services, entertainment, dining and shopping. Offers range from up to 70% off designer brands to discounts on dining in popular restaurants and free items from the menus.

Cardholders of the Macyâs Preferred American Express card receive exclusive travel offers through Macyâs Preferred Travel. The benefits of Macy's Preferred Travel also include offers for low airfare rates, 20% off the lowest restricted rate at thousands of hotels as well as additional special amenities. Members also receive up to 25% off car rentals, up to $300 in shipboard credits on cruises and $100 off certain air and hotel packages.

Macys American Express and Macyâs Preferred American Express - There are two American Express Macyâs cards, the Macyâs American Express and the Macyâs Preferred American Express. Besides meeting credit standards, in order to qualify for either of these cards, you will need to meet the spending limits as well. For the Macyâs American Express card you will need to spend $0 to $999 with Macyâs annually. For the Preferred American Express card, you will need to spend $1,000 or more annually.

Cardholders of the Macys American Express Cards are eligible for the Star Rewards program. If you spend $500 to $999 annually, you will earn 1.5% rewards on Macyâs store purchases and 1% on purchases made outside Macyâs. Macyâs American Express cardholders that spend $1000 or more annually, may earn 3% in Macyâs stores and 1% on other purchases. Rewards are sent In the form of Star Rewards Certificates along with your statement when you have earned at least $25. These certificates, however, can only be used in store and not online or to make a payment on your card.

There are some differences and added benefits to carrying the Macy's American Express cards over the regular store cards. There are many more benefits with the American Express cards than the store cards. The main differences are the exclusive memberships you receive into American Express Selects and Macy's Preferred Travel. You will not receive membership with the regular Macy's store cards. Also, keep the spending requirements in mind when choosing cards as you will need to spend the required amounts annually in order to keep the card.

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