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State Farm Student Credit Card
Consumer Reviews, Credit Score and Income Needed, Credit Limits

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Credit Score: 650 Credit Limit: 500 Age: 18-24
Posted 06/07 2017
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Before I got this card, I got denied for the Discove It card. Then I tried to apply for the Cap One journey and was also denied. I then decided to give this card a shot cos my room mate also had this card. I was approved for $500. All I did with this card was to charge about $100 to the card every month and pay it off in full. After about 9 months with the card, my scores have gone up to about 715. I then decided to give Discover another shot and got approved for $1000. Discover is a much better card with rewards and their free fico score. Their website and app and also much better.

If you are a student and looking for your first credit card, I would say go for Discover first. State Farm should be a backup in case you get denied.