New Millennium Bank Credit Cards Review and Applications

New Millennium Bank

All New Millennium Bank credit cards will appeal to those with bad credit because you are guaranteed to be approved for these cards. There are no credit checks and because these are either secured or prepaid cards, you are not technically given any unsecured credit. The secured credit cards report to the three major credit bureaus and will therefore help you build your credit.

nmb secured card
The New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa or MasterCard is a unique secured credit card that has a reward program. New cardholders will be given a free companion ticket if they decide to buy a roundtrip ticket within the continental US. You will be automatically enrolled in the and enjoy discounts on travel items. Read our review of the New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa or Mastercard.

new millennium bank credit card
The New Millennium Bank Secured Gold Visa or Mastercard has identical fees and rates as the platinum version. The only diffrence is that it does not have the travel rewards that the Platinum version has. You can read our New Millennium Bank Secured Gold Card here.