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Go2Bank Secured Visa: No Credit Checks & Low Minimum Deposit

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  • No Credit Checks
  • No Annual Fee
  • Low minimum security deposit requirement - only $100
  • Need to set up mobile bank account and set up direct deposit
  • Eligible to apply for secured credit card once you have $100 in direct deposit
  • Ideal for those with bad credit and willing to set up Mobile banking account and direct deposit with Go2Bank

At A Glance

With no credit check, no annual fee and a very low minimum of $100 security deposit, the Go2Bank Secured Visa is ideal for rebuilders who have been denied and rejected for many subprime rebuilder cards. You do need to set up a mobile banking account and direct deposit with Go2Bank and you can get the secured card the moment you have direct deposited $100 into your account. Go2Bank is part of the GreenDot family of products.


There are three requirements you need before you can get the Go2Bank secured card.
  • Need to set up bank account - Firstly, you need to set up a mobile banking account with Go2Bank.

  • Set up Direct Deposit - The second requirement is that you have to set up a direct deposit with Go2Bank. This will most likely be with your employer.

  • Direct Deposit at least $100 - After setting up your recurring direct deposit, you need to deposit at least $100 via direct deposit into your bank account. Once you have completed these three requirements, you can get your secured credit card.

Card Details

Annual Fee $0
Regular APR 22.99%
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Minimum Deposit $100

The table above shows the key card details. The key features are that there is no annual fee and the minimum deposit is only $100 (which is much lower than the typical $200 required by most cards). There are also a couple of things that you should be aware of.

Requires approval if you need to increase your credit limit - If you would like to increase your initial credit limit, you would need to add more security deposit into your secured account. However, you need to get approval for this and that might entail showing proof of income and expenses. Our suggestion is to deposit the amount that you want from the get go.

Free Vantage score from Equifax - Card members get a free Vantage score from Equifax.

Card Annual Fee Regular APR Min Deposit
Chime$0N.A. - Pay in fullNo min or max

Compared to Other No Credit Check Secured Cards

Though there are many secured credit cards, there are few that does not perform any credit checks or hard inquiry and few still that have no annual fee as well. We will now compare Go2Bank versus it's peers.

Go2Bank compared to traditional no credit checks secured cards

There are a few secured credit cards that does not perform any credit checks. They include cards like Opensky, First Progress and Applied Bank. In this aspect, they are similar to Go2Bank. However, they are charge an annual fee (though they are very reasonable) and all require a minimum deposit of $200 vs $100 for Go2Bank. Another big difference is that with all these cards, you simply have to fund a security deposit with them unlike Go2Bank, which requires you set up a savings account first and meet their minimum direct deposit requirements.

Go2Bank compared to Fintech startup secured cards

There are a few Fintechs that have launched a couple of innovative secured credit cards. They usually require that you first set up a banking account with them.

Go2Bank vs Chime Credit Builder Secured Card - Chime Secured Visa is very similar to Go2Bank in that you need to set up a Chime savings account. Once you have incurred direct deposit of $200 within 365 days of opening your account, you can get a secured credit card. All you have to do is to apply for and transfer money from your savings account to your "credit builder" account. The amount you transfer acts as your security deposit and credit limit. However, it is different from a typical security deposit in the sense that you can use it to pay your bills. And once you run of out of that security deposit, you simply "top up" from your savings account. In a sense, Chime functions like a prepaid card but reports like a regular credit card. They definitely offer a compelling alternative to Go2Bank and any secured credit card for that matter.

Go2Bank compared to Self Secured Credit Account and Visa - Self Secured Visa is another secured credit card that has no credit checks and like Go2Bank also requires that you set up a "credit builder account". Once there is enough money in the "credit builder account", you can then get your secured credit card. Like Go2Bank, both opening the credit builder account and secured credit card does not involve any credit checks. Unlike Go2Bank, there is no direct deposit requirement but they do charge a $25 annual fee.


  • No Credit Checks - Go2Bank is one of the few secured credit cards that does not perform any credit checks. You will definitely be approved as long as you open a savings account with them and meet their direct deposit requirements.

  • No Annual Fee - Most no credit check secured credit cards charge an annual fee. Go2Bank is one of the few that does not.

  • Low minimum deposit of $100 - Most secured credit cards have a minimum deposit requirement of $200. Go2Bank $100 minimum deposit requirement is lower than the normal and will appeal to those of you who are strapped for cash or hesitant to put down a large security deposit for a secured credit card.

  • Free Vantage Score from Equifax - Go2Bank is one of the few secured credit cards with no credit check that offer this feature.


  • Need to open a savings account with Go2Bank - Like the newer secured credit cards from Fintech start ups, Go2Bank requires that you open a savings account with them.

  • Need to set up direct deposit and deposit at least $100 - After setting up your mobile bank account, you need to set up a recurring direct deposit and deposit at least $100 before you can open your secured credit card.

  • Need Approval for credit limit increase - If you want to deposit more money into your secured credit card security deposit account to increase your credit limit, you would have to get an approval first whereby you might be asked to provide latest income and expenses proof.

  • Does not graduate to unsecured card - As Go2Bank does not have any unsecured credit cards in their lineup, you cannot graduate to an unsecured version. That should not be a big deal for most of you as you can simply apply for an unsecured credit card when your credit score allows and simply cancel this card.

Our Take: Go2Bank Secured - No Credit Check, No Annual Fee

The Go2Bank secured credit card is a great rebuilder card for those of you with really bad credit and have been rejected by too many cards already. It does not check your credit and there is no annual fee. The minimum security deposit of $100 is also lower than most secured cards.

While there are other no credit check secured credit cards, most of them come with annual fees. The Go2Bank secured card however, has no annual fee. The only requirement is that you have to open a savings account with them and set up a direct deposit. Once you have made at least $100 in direct deposit, you can open your secured credit card.

For those of you who already have a bank account with a direct deposit set up with your employer and are unwilling to switch to Go2Bank, then you will have to skip this card and either get a no credit check secured card like Opensky Secured Visa or a card like Self Secured Visa.

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