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First PREMIER Bank Gold Card Review

First PREMIER® Bank Gold Credit Card

Summary - The First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card is a credit card that is catered to those who do not have great credit. Below is a review of their fee structure.

Annual Fee and APR - When you apply for the First PREMIER Bank Credit Card, you will be given a $300 credit limit. You would have to pay a $95 processing fee upfront (which is a one-time fee). The annual fee for this card is $75. You will be charged $75 in your first statement so you initial credit would be $225. From the second year onwards, you will be charged 6.25% per month rather than a lump sum. The APR on this card is 23.9%

first premier fees

Credit Increases - First PREMIER® will review your account after month 13 of your card membership and consider credit increases. However, if you are approved for a credit limit increase, you will be charge a fee that is equal to 50% of the credit limit increase. For example, if you are approved for a $100 credit increase, you will be charged a $50 fee. (see screen shot below from their terms and conditions page)

first premier fees

Verdict - The First PREMIER® Bank Credit Card will suit those who do not have great credit and are looking for a credit card. You just have to be aware that there will be higher fees than other credit cards. For those of you who are sensitive to these fees, First PREMIER® also offers the FIRST PREMIER® Secured Credit Card.