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ExcentTM Secured Visa Blue Card

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By : Mr Credit Card
Review Date : Sep/13/2016

The Excent Secured credit card is issued by First Choice Bank of NJ and is an excellent card for those with no credit or rebuilders who have really bad scores. The reason is that there is no credit checks and you would be approved as long as your income is $100 above your deposit amount (which is your credit limit).

Card Details
Card Details
The Excent Secured Card has two versions, the Classic and the Gold Version. Here are the details of the Classic version :

Annual Fee (Classic) : $39
APR (Classic) : 13.99%

The Gold version has the following annual fee and APR :

Annual Fee (Gold) : $49
APR (Gold) : 9.99%

Minimum Deposit : $200 to $5,000

Pays Interest on Deposit : Yes

Graduates to Unsecured : No - because First Choice Bank does not offer unsecured cards.

How does it Report To Credit Bureaus? : We are not sure at the moment.

Reports To Credit Bureaus : Reports to all three major bureaus


If you've read some of our reviews of secured cards, you may come to realize that Excent has the same fees and APR as the Primor secured card. And that is because both are issued by First Choice Bank of NJ.

The are lots of secured cards in the market. Their annual fee ranges from $0 to $50 and the APR ranges from 9.99% to 36%. Some graduates to unsecured cards (mostly the mainstream banks) and some report as unsecured in your credit report. Some pay interest on your deposit while others do not. Some issuers will not approve you if you have bad credit while others are lenient.

The thing that makes Excent stand out is their relatively low APR, they pay interest on your deposit and also the fact that they do not perform any credit checks if your income exceeds your deposit by $100. Essentially, you will almost certainly be approved for this card.

Our Take
Our Take

The Excent Secured card is very appropriate for folks who have bad credit and are looking to rebuild. Remember, not all secured cards will approve you even though they are "secured and collateralized" by your deposit. The fact that it has no credit checks should appeal to you if you do not want another hard pull on your credit report. It reports to the three bureaus and as long as you use it responsibly (ie 20% utilization and paying off your bills on time and preferably in full), this card should help you in your rebuilding efforts.