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Valero Credit Card

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Picture of Valero Credit Card
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By : Mr Credit Card


The credit card from Valero allows you to save money on gasoline purchases from Valero gas stations and it's subsidiaries like Shamrock. It is not a Visa or MasterCard so you can only use it at Valero gas stations. It is issued by DSRM National Bank (the initials stand for Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing), which was a unit of Diamond Shamrock before it was acquired by Valero.

Card Details

Gas Savings : 4 cents per gallon if you fill between 50 and 74.9 gallons in a billing cycle. Save 8 cents per gallon if you fill between 75 and 110 gallons within a billing cycle.

Savings are given out as statement credit.

Annual Fee : $0

Where can card be used? : Card can be used at Valero, Diamond Shamrock, Beacon or Shamrock gas stations.


Cards Annual
Fee Rewards
Sheetz AF = $0
  • 8 cents/gallon savings
  • 5X on Sheetz purchases
  • 1X on regular purchases
Shell MasterCard AF = $0
  • $500-$999.99 - 10 cents/gallon
  • $1,000-$2499.99 - 15 cents/gallon
  • > $2499.99 - 20 cents/gallon
BP Visa AF = $0
  • 25 cents/gallon - Every $100 spent at BP
  • 15 cents/gallon - Every $100 spent on groceries, dining, travel
  • 5 cents/gallon - Every $100 spent on other purchases
Marathon AF = $0
  • 25 cents/gallon - >$1,000 spending
  • 15 cents/gallon - $500 - $999
  • 5 cents/gallon - <$500
Chevron/Texaco AF = $0
  • 3 cents/gallon - base rate
  • 10 cents/gallon - spend $300 a month on non-Chevon purchases
  • 20 cents/gallon - spend $1,000 a month on non-Chevron purchases
Velero AF = $0
  • 4 cents/gallon - 50 to 74.9 gallons a month
    8 cents/gallon - 75 to 110 gallon a month
Shell - Drive For Five AF = $0
  • 5 cents/gallon - base rate
Sunoco AF = $0
  • 5 cents/gallon - base rate
Phillips 66 AF = $0
  • 5 cents/gallon - base rate
Speedway MasterCard AF = $0
  • 50X for Speedway Purchases
  • 10X for non-Speedway purchases

The most important thing when comparing gas cards is how much can you save on gasoline. As you can see in the table above, most gas cards allow you to earn about 5 cents per gallon. Some have no minimum requirements. Others allow you to save more if you buy a certain amount of gasoline.

The Valero gas card belongs to the later. The tiers are 4 cents and 8 cents per gallon respectively. This really puts it in the middle of the pack in my opinion.

Our Take

The Valero gas card is a typical card that is offered by most gas station brands. It allows you to save money and depending on how much gas you buy a month from them, you could save up to 8 cents a gallon.

Most folks who get gas cards do it because they tend to be more lenient in their approval process. This is the reason such cards are popular for those rebuilding their credit. If you use Valero and your credit is not in good shape, then this would be a great card to consider.

The downside of this card is that it is not a Visa or MasterCard but instead, it is a "store card". Hence, it can only be used in their gas stations. If you are looking for a Visa or MasterCard and have poor credit (550ish score), there are other cards like the Credit One Visa where you can earn cash back on gas purchases