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Which Delta Skymiles credit card should you get? The Regular Delta Skymiles or the Skypoints Credit Card?

Which Delta Skymiles Credit Card should you get?

There are two Delta Skymiles credit cards from American Express that allows you to earn Skymiles from Delta - the Gold Delta Skymiles credit card and the Platinum version. But which one should you get? Let us compare both cards.
Comparison of the two Delta Airlines Credit Card
delta skymiles credit card skypoints credit card
Delta Skymiles Credit Card Platinum Delta Skymiles Credit Card
Miles Formula
  • Earn Double Miles with purchases at Delta Air Lines, Stand-alone supermarkets, Gas stations, Drugstores, Home improvement and hardware stores, The U.S. Postal Service, Your wireless service provider.
  • Earn one mile for every dollar you spend on other purchases.
  • Earn Double SkyMiles with purchases at Delta and Song, Supermarkets, Gas stations, Home improvement and hardware stores, The U.S. Postal Service, And for your wireless phone bill
  • Earn one SkyMile for every dollar you spend on other purchases
  • Bonus Miles 20,000 miles 20,000 miles
    Annual Fee $95.00 - First year fee waived
    $30 if you carry an American Express charge card
    $150.00 - First year fee waived
    $95 if you carry an American Express charge card
    Rate P+9.99% P+9.99%
    Caps on Miles $100,000 in annual spending. Once exceeded, earn one miles for every dollar for all purchases Earn unlimited miles

    What are SkyPoints? - SkyPoints are points you earn that can be redeemed for either discounts on Delta or Song or you can also convert them to Delta Skymiles at a one for one ratio. Below is a table with the number of SkyPoints needed to get various discounts on Delta.

    Redeem 3,000 SkyPoints and receive a 10% discount
    Redeem 7,500 SkyPoints and receive a 25% discount
    Redeem 15,000 SkyPoints and receive a 50% discount
    Redeem 20,000 SkyPoints and receive a 75% discount

    Here is how this works. You can shop for the lowest Delta airfare and use your skypoints credit card to make the purchase. Once, your Delta charges appear on your statement, you can call American Express at 1-800-913-6716 and redeem for your discount. Your savings will be credited into your account.

    Difference between Skymiles and SkyPoints credit card
    The main difference between the two cards is that the Skypoints credit card gives you more flexibility to get the best deal for yourself. If it is cheaper to use skypoints to get a discount, then use it that way. If it makes sense to transfer them to your Skymiles account and then redeem a free airline ticket, then you can also do that.

    Unlike the Skypoints credit card, the regular Delta Skymiles Credit Card is like a normal airline miles credit card where you earn miles from the dollars you spend on the card. You miles are automatically credited into your skymiles account. You use miles for airline ticket or other reward redemptions.

    Aside from the main differences, the Delta Skymiles credit card gives a more generous bonus miles and has a higher cap for earning miles, but a higher annual fee. The SkyPoints credit card allows you to earn points only up to $60,000 in annual spending, has less bonus points but a lower annual fee.

    Verdict - If you do not spend more than $60,000 on your credit card, then I would recommend the SkyPointsâ„¢ Credit Card from Delta and American Express because you have greater flexibility in using Skypoints and also because it has a lower annual fee ($49.00 versus $85.00).

    If all you just want is to earn skymiles and if you spend up to $100,000 on your card, then the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card may be the better choice.