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Credit Score: 783 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 45-54
Posted 07/13 2017
Overall Rating:
I used to have the Princess card. Then I cancelled it and got a Capital One Venture and later a Barclaycard Arrival. Both have annual fees but lets you earn 2% on everything and that was more valuable to me than the Princess visa. Though you could redeem the points for a free cruise and a a higher tier you could in theory get 2% in redemption alone, I could never earn so many points so I decided to part ways.

Now, after reading about the latest rule changes (along with all the snafus), I have decided to use it again. So I applied and got approved. Since most of my cruises cost more than $4k, in theory, I should see 4% returns (at least for the portion I spend paying for the cruise). More like the returns will be in the 3% range (which is still better than Cap One or the Arrival).
Credit Score: 812 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 45-54
Posted 07/13 2017
Overall Rating:
Success. Just redeemed 80,000 points for $1600 statement credit on a $5000 trip booked 5 months ago.

I think this new enhancement would be great for those of us with the card.
Credit Score: 780 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 45-54
Posted 07/12 2017
Overall Rating:
I finally managed to get my statement credits under the "new rules". I used 60000 points and got a statement credit of $1200 for my last cruise (which cost more than $4000). I called the rep and she verified that it has been processed.

Despite all the problems earlier, it looks like Princess has the best value for their points now.
Credit Score: 747 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 35-44
Posted 06/27 2017
Overall Rating:
From the looks of it, once they solve their IT problems, this card appears to offer what no other cruise credit cards offer.

You can 2X on princess cruise purchases. But when you redeem the points for a statement credit towards your cruise (within the last 180 days), you can get more than 1% redemption value.

Princess purchase amount ($50 or greater) within last 180 days = Redemption points value
$50 to $499.99 = 1%
$500 -$2,000.99 = 1.25%
$2,001-$4,000.99 = 1.5%
$4,001+ = 2.0%
Credit Score: 804 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 45-54
Posted 05/14 2017
Overall Rating:
I was speaking to the Barclaycard supervisor and was told that the 1% to 2% redemption value is based on "one purchase". So you cannot combine purchases within the last 180 days. That means it is best to book your cruise and any OBCs together.
Credit Score: 780 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 45-54
Posted 04/05 2017
Overall Rating:
The new redemption for princess cruise points is actually great. Having said that, I have to give them a 4 star rating (and really wanted to give them a 3 star rating) for all the snafus from the new reward program. Once it starts to work out, it is great. But it appears to have too many problems.

Mine was the confusion from their marketing brochure which states that you can earn 2X for princess cruise as well as other CCL cruises. I booked a short Holland America cruise and was only given 1X. Called Barclays and was told that brochure was "wrong"!!!

So here is another data point regarding this whole fiasco. You only earn 2X on princess cruise and 1X on other purchases including other cruise.
Credit Score: 726 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 45-54
Posted 03/19 2017
Overall Rating:
I spent over an hour on the phone with a couple of reps and finally spoke to a supervisor. He clarified that the redemption value is indeed based on one single purchase made during the last 180 days. You cannot combine them even if they were made towards the same trip.

They verified that my last trip was $3800 which put me in the 1.5% redemption value. I proceeded to redeem 50000 points which got me a $750 statement credit.
Credit Score: 790 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 35-44
Posted 02/04 2017
Overall Rating:
I had the problem of my princess cruise payments not showing up as "princess cruise" and hence I did not earn 2X. Had to call up customer service and was given an error ID. I checked in after a week but the situation was not resolved. It was finally resolved after 3 weeks.

Barclays really need to sort out their computer systems.
Credit Score: 735 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 45-54
Posted 01/21 2017
Overall Rating:
Despite the snafus with the latest roll out, I think this new "enhancement" makes this card better than most other cruise credit cards (if you only cruise with Princess). For OBC, at least there is some tiering and you get more than 1% if you redeem above 40,000 points.

5,000 points: $50
10,000 points: $100
25,000 points: $250
40,000 points: $500

But the best bang for the buck is still the redemption for statement credits on the cruise (180 prior):

$50 to $499.99 = 1%
$500 -$2,000.99 = 1.25%
$2,001-$4,000.99 = 1.5%
$4,001+ = 2.0%
Credit Score: 790 Credit Limit: 9000 Age: 35-44
Posted 12/18 2016
Overall Rating:
I tried to redeem today was was told to call customer service. I paid $5000 for the last cruise and was told that with 40,000 points, I would get a $800 statement credit (nice!). I probably have to wait for a couple of weeks for this to go through.
Credit Score: 690 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 35-44
Posted 12/09 2016
Overall Rating:
One of the "new enhancements" is that your points do not expire as long as you have an "active" within 7 months. That means that as long as you use your card, your points do not expire. Previously, they expired after 60 months or 5 years. For someone like me who is a small spender with a small limit, that helps a lot.
Credit Score: 650 Credit Limit: 1500 Age: 45-54
Posted 11/27 2016
Overall Rating:
I have started cruising with Princess once every two years and thought that getting their card would work for me. My credit is not that great but I still got approved and got a small limit. I hope it goes up after a while.

In the meantime, I have been reading about the new points system and though I will not spend enough to earn points like some of you, it appears that the card and points are improving. In constrast, my Delta miles keeps getting devaluated.
Credit Score: 756 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 45-54
Posted 10/16 2016
Overall Rating:
I was about to switch to either a capital one venture or barclaycard arrival when I got the mail about the new enhancements. If I have read it correctly, you not only earn 2X on princess cruises, you can earn between 1% to 2% redemption rate based on the cruise you have spend (at once) with the card within the last 180 days.

My understanding is that if I paid $4000 for a Princess Cruise trip with this card, I get 8000 points (2X).

If I used the 8000 points to redeem, then I would get a $160 statement credit (2%) since the trip cost more than $4000.
Credit Score: 814 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 18-24
Posted 10/05 2016
Overall Rating:
I am trying to figure out whether all these changes are better off for me. From the looks of it, it appears to be better despite the technical hiccups that others are experiencing (thank goodness we have been dormant for a while).

1. I like the fact that points would not expire as long as the account is active. And that is defined as using the card at least once every 7 billing cycles.

2. You get between 1% and 2% redemption rate depending on the charge (within last 180 days).

It seems like a better deal though I might have to change some habits like booking everything (including OBCs) at once.
Credit Score: 680 Credit Limit: 2500 Age: 45-54
Posted 07/12 2016
Overall Rating:
I got this card when my credit was not so good and my limit was rather small. I would say that if you travel with Princess Cruise and use the card to pay for the cruise and all the expense, then it is probably worth it. But I have since stopped sailing with them and I now use the Cap One Venture for all my spending.
Credit Score: 675 Credit Limit: 1500 Age: 35-44
Posted 05/06 2016
Overall Rating:
After 3 years of rebuilding, I finally decided to get a no annual fee unsecured credit card. It was quite tough trying to choose which one to apply. Then my boyfriend and I decided to go on a Princess Cruise trip. I don't really know too much about their program but figured I could use some points. So I applied and was surprised to actually get approved. Limit was small but it is a good start I guess.
Credit Score: 735 Credit Limit: 8000 Age: 45-54
Posted 02/08 2016
Overall Rating:
I used to be a Delta Platinum Card holder but I have given up on skymiles. It takes a ridiculous amount of miles to get a free ticket to the cruise port. And upgrades just do not happen anymore even if you are an elite member. So I gave up that card and gave up earning Delta miles. I decided to get the Princess Cruise Visa. It may not have the best sign up bonus or the points you earn are just normal. But at least you can redeem the points when you want and there is no such thing as "no seats" available or you need "XX" points. You can simply use however many points you have for OBCs, or statement credits.