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Credit Score: 696 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 18-24
Posted 10/14 2020
Overall Rating:
got denied with a 696 credit score from Credit Karma and a 725 fico score from experian
Credit Score: 682 Credit Limit: 0 Age: 45-54
Posted 03/07 2020
Overall Rating:
Not sure why i was denied,my credit scores was excellent and I own my own home does not make since I would not recommend this card at all
Credit Score: 748 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 45-54
Posted 08/05 2019
Overall Rating:
Bought the card to build up points.

Tried to redeem the points for 2 $100 gift cards. They only ship to street address and not the post office box like my mail comes from.

I ordered these 3 weeks ago and am still waiting.

I called again and they are not here. Now they claim they need to start a case which takes another 7-10 days.

I’ve been on hold another 12 minutes so far waiting for the little gal to get me her supervisor.

Customer service is poor. I will never recommend this card
Credit Score: 769 Credit Limit: 12400 Age: 25-34
Posted 07/12 2019
Overall Rating:
Great card. Was approved for a generous limit. I use this card for everyday purchases to build points up to take off my next trip.
Credit Score: 783 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 45-54
Posted 07/15 2017
Overall Rating:
I've read so much about how cruise credit cards sucks and how other travel credit cards are better. After using this card for a year together with a Capital One Venture, I would say that argument is totally bogus. With the Carnival Card, you can get 1.5% redemption rate if your charge is more than $1500. That means that you have to be a little smart about your bookings and try to avoid pre-booking stuff if you can. Charge everything on board to sign and sail account. And use your Carnival credit card. Since you can earn 2X on carnival purchases and 1X on other stuff, you will be effectively earning anywhere between 1X and 2X on your spending depending on what percentage is Carnival spending. And if you do get the 1.5% redemption rate, your total value from your card spending will range from 1X to 2.5X.

As an example, I had a $2000 S&S charge within the last 180 days. I used 60,000 points to redeem for that and my last statement bill was reduced by $900.
Credit Score: 809 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 35-44
Posted 05/01 2017
Overall Rating:
We take a Carnival cruise once a year and we put charge everything on the card. The most important thing to know is that for cruise charges more than $1500, you get a 1.5% redemption rate. This is the best use of your points. Less than $1500, and the redemption rate is 1% (the normal rate).

What we try to do is to use the card to pay for the cruise. If the prices turns out to be slightly less than $1500, we might upgrade our rooms to bump it over the line. We also try not to pre-book excursions, special dining and spas because the bill are all in small chunks. Instead, it is better to book them on board with your S&S account. The sacrifice there is that you may miss out on "deals".
Credit Score: 806 Credit Limit: 13000 Age: 45-54
Posted 03/23 2017
Overall Rating:
I have had this card for years and I charge everything to it. One thing I make sure to do is to always check "Rewards Boost" whenever I want to use my card for online shopping. Very often you can earn 5X or even 10X with different retailers and special deals. You can earn so much more points if you use rewards boost.

I have already used points for 2 free cruises. What others have said here is correct. Redeeming points for $1500 charges is the best value and bang for the buck.
Credit Score: 724 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 45-54
Posted 02/24 2017
Overall Rating:
I have had this card for a few years and it has served me well. However, I want to try new cruises and I finally stopped using it. Instead, I got the Barclays Arrival and it is so easy to earn points. Best of all, I could book any cruise I want with my points. With Carnival, I had to plan ahead and even had to skip some excursion promotions and book everything on S&S account to get it over $1500 so I could get the 1.5% redemption value.
Credit Score: 812 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 45-54
Posted 10/16 2016
Overall Rating:
I love my carnival cruise card. I use points to get statement credits. Since most of my cruise cost more than $1500, I get 1.5% redemption rate. So the trick is to use your card to pay for your cruise. After the final payment, simply go online and redeem your points. On my last cruise, I used 95000 points and got $1425 in statement credits.

I look at it this way. Pay for cruise and earn 2X. Redeem points for 1.5% statement credit. That is a 3.5% return. This is definitely better than most other "travel cards".
Credit Score: 690 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 45-54
Posted 08/08 2016
Overall Rating:
This card is ok with you pay your balance in full. If not, you are looking at high teens for for your interest rates. Best use of points is for cruises above $1500 (within last 180 days as per rules). You get 1.5% redemption rate. If you cruise is below $1500, the redemption rate is only 1%. Also, airfare and hotel gets you a 0.9% redemption rate so I would not be inclined to use fun points for statement credits towards airfare or hotels.
Credit Score: 675 Credit Limit: 2500 Age: 35-44
Posted 07/11 2016
Overall Rating:
On my last 3 Carnival trips, I have applied for the card at the ship. However, I got denied all 3 times. I finally decided to give it another try. This time, I applied online and got approved for $2500.
Credit Score: 720 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 45-54
Posted 05/28 2016
Overall Rating:
Got my card about a month before the cruise and used the bonus points for OBC. It was relatively easy. You just log into your Barclays account and redeem it. You need your ship and booking number. You will not see it listed as on board until you are on the ship.
Credit Score: 765 Credit Limit: 8000 Age: 45-54
Posted 04/22 2016
Overall Rating:
I normally redeem points for statement credits rather than OBC. For statement credits, 10,000 points gets you $100. For on board credit, you need 12,500 to get $100. It is better to pay the OBC and earn 2X, then use points for statement credits.
Credit Score: 805 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 35-44
Posted 03/05 2016
Overall Rating:
For me, I simply use the points for gift cards. There are some items like Bar cash which has better redemption rate. But gift cards are the most flexible and you do not even have to use it on the cruise if you do not want to.
Credit Score: 745 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 45-54
Posted 01/21 2016
Overall Rating:
The best bang for the buck redemption is when you redeem for $1,500 in purchase price. That is when you get 1.5% redemption rate rather than the 1% rate. But good luck trying to earn so many points.

That aside, I just pay everything with the card, OBC included to earn 2X and then just redeem for statement credits.
Credit Score: 769 Credit Limit: 8000 Age: 45-54
Posted 11/11 2015
Overall Rating:
This card is good when it first came out. Now, there are cards like Sams MasterCard, which gives you 5% for gas and 3% for travel and restaurants. You simply earn more cash back with those cards compared to this one. I still have the card but not use it any more.
Credit Score: 742 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 45-54
Posted 10/26 2015
Overall Rating:
The value of this card has been surpassed by other credit cards. For example, I now use my Cap One Venture for all my spending and get 2% (not just for CC purchases). Sometimes, there are opportunities where you can get Carnival gift cards at 10% or 15% discounts. You get better bang for the buck with a 2% card than this card for sure.
Credit Score: 635 Credit Limit: 1000 Age: 35-44
Posted 09/09 2015
Overall Rating:
I never thought I would get approved for this card. But my score was between 635 and 650 (depending which bureau). I was given a $1000 limit (which ain't much) and hopefuly that limit will be increased over time.

I'll check in again when I have earned enough points to use them.
Credit Score: 777 Credit Limit: 12000 Age: 55-64
Posted 07/17 2015
Overall Rating:
I have had this card for years and I always use points for statement credits. You should always pay your cruise and all the OBCs with the card to earn double points. Then once it is paid, just use it for a statement credit. It is pointless to use points for OBC because you can earn points instead.
Credit Score: 704 Credit Limit: 4000 Age: 35-44
Posted 04/10 2015
Overall Rating:
I went on a little app spree and got approved for both the Carnival Cruise MasterCard and the BOA cash rewards. Was given $4000 and $3000 line respectively.
Credit Score: 783 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 45-54
Posted 02/26 2015
Overall Rating:
I absolutely love this card. I have always been sailing with Carnival and I took a break last year. But I have to earning lots of points and I am probably about 15000 more points from a free cruise.