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A look at cash back debit cards - prepaid cards that give you cash rebate

Cash Back Debit Cards

Very few people realize that there are cash back debit cards. Truth is there are few prepaid debit cards that offer a very good cash rebate program.

Unlike regular credit cards that have their own reward program, many functions of prepaid credit cards are outsourced to various third parties. For example though Four Oaks Bank and Trust, Metabank or Bank First are technically the issuers of most prepaid debit cards, the cards are managed mostly by EDPReporting and a couple of other firms. Same goes for the reward program. Cash back Debit cards have their cash rebate programs by AmeriDollars.

I was actually surprised when I saw the list of merchants that are on this program. I was even further surprised by the amount of rebates that were given. They ranged from 1.5% to as high as 10%. Many of the merchants pay a 5% rebates on average. Take a look for yourself.

AmeriDollars Cash Rebate Merchants
Merchants Rebate 2.5% 4.5%
Bluefly 5% 2.5% 5% 2% 2.5%
Home Shopping Network 5%
Addidas 5% 3.5% 5% 5%
The Chocolate 5% 4% 5% 2.5%
NYC Police Foundation Store 3.5% 2.5% 5%
ACE Hardware Online 2.5% 2%
Dollar Rent a Car 2.5%
Barnes& 2.5% 2.5% 10%
123 Posters 5%
Eckerd 7.5%
ESPN the Magazine $4.00
Financial Times $17.00 50% when you subscribe at
$12.50 on any purchase 1.5%
Dell 2.5%
The Sharper Image 5% 2% $30.00 2.5%
Home Shopping Network 5%
Software Splash 10%
Databazaar 1%
Equifax 7.5% 2.5%
KB Toys 2.5% $2.50 3% 1.5% 5%
Discover Card $12.50 when you apply and are approved on a Discover Card
DiscoverStore 4%
Game Stop 2.5% $12.50
Salvy The Florist 5%
My Butcher 5%
Bittersweet Candle Company 10%
Free shipping and handling over $100
SilkGreenHouse 5%
La Gavia Imports 5%
Game Stop 2.5%
The Vitamin Shoppe 4% 5% 4.5%
Avon 6% 4%
Zirh Skin Nutrition 7.5%
Lancome 3%
Nutri/System 7.5% 12.5%
Christmas Tree Factory 5% 18% 5% 2%
blue nile 2.5%
The Baby Joint 5% 4%
QwikFliks 4%
Columbia House $2.50 when you sign up 5%
Petswarehouse 5%
Club Photo 5% 5% 2.5%

Frankly speaking, this list is better than many stand alone retail store credit cards. The only downside to getting a prepaid card with the AmeriDollars cash rebate program is that you do not build your credit history with these cards. But if all you care about is shopping rebates, then consider the cards below.

Cash Back Debit Cards

sdc prepaid mastercard
The Secure Deposit Card PrePaid MasterCard offers FREE registration to the AmeriDollars cash rebate program. What makes this card stand apart from other prepaid credit cards is you are given a second card at no additonal cost. Hence, this is the perfect prepaid credit card for a parent to give to their teens (as they can control how much is in the card).

executive plus prepaid mastercard
The Executive Plus Prepaid MasterCard Card also offer the AmeriDollars cash rebate program. In addition to that, you are allowed to register for free in the Travel Group, which is a travel club. Membership of benefits in the Travel Group include a free 3-days, 2-nights stay at partner hotels in over 20 cities, plus up to $1,000 worth in various travel related discount vouchers and much more. This card should interest those who want to get discounts via the AmeriDollars cash rebate program and the Travel Group.

motherlove prepaid mastercard
Lastly, the Mother Love Prepaid MasterCard Card is a more basic cash back debit card that offers the AmeriDollar cash rebate program with of the other extra features that the above mentioned cards offer.

Update (July 2006) - These cards have been discontinued at present, there are no prepaid credit cards offering cash back as a reward.