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The Celebrity Cruise credit card allows you to both earn and redeem points on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Azamara cruises. It comes with a $69 annual but also with additional perks that cruise credit cards with no annual fee do not have. Let's find out more.

Card Details

Earn Points - With this card, you will earn 2X on Celebrity Cruises® and our sister brands, Royal Caribbean® and Azamara Club Cruises®. You will earn 1X on everything else.

Other Perks - Aside from earning points, this card also offers a couple of extra perks (which are not commonly found in other cards).

Firstly, you get a "Buy One get one 50% off specialty dining". Secondly, you get a 10% discount on private journeys. You also get a 10% discount of premium beverage package.

Redeem Points - You will be able to redeem points on Celebrity Cruises® and our sister brands, Royal Caribbean® and Azamara Club Cruises®.

Annual Fee - The annual fee is $69 (one of the rare cruise credit cards with an annual fee)

Foreign Transaction Fee - This card has no foreign transaction fees (which is great because you can use this card when you get off a port and do your tours).

Sign Up Bonus - This card offers a few bonuses when you sign up and get approved for the card. Firstly, you will earn 10,000 bonus points after your first purchase on the card (within 65 days of approval).

Secondly, you get a %50 discount off an AirChoice Flight (which is the flight to your port of departure when you book your cruise with Celebrity).

Thirdly, you will also get a $300 off a future cruise.

Anniversary Bonus - Aside from earning sign up bonuses. This card also offers a couple of bonuses every year. The first one is that you could earn 10,000 bonus points as long as you spend $10,000 points in a calendar year.
Secondly, you get a $50 discount off AirChoice once a year.

MyCruise Reward Program

Below is the reward chart for the MyCruise Rewards Program. You will notice that there are redemption options for not just Celebrity Cruise, but also for Royal Caribbean and Azamara.

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The Celebrity Cruise X card is one of the rare cards in the cruise space which charges an annual fee. The other is the Azamara card (which charges the same annual fee). However, as you can see from the comparison table above, it offers some extra feature that most of it's peers do not.

The Azamara Visa, which also has a $69 annual fee, does not have perks like the "Buy One Get One 50% Off Specialty Dining", or the 10% off private journeys and premium beverage package.

Most of the other "no annual fee" cruise cards do not have perks aside from earning points on cruise spending. They do not have features like $50 off airfares to departure ports. Some even have foreign transaction fees.

Our Take

There are two things you have to consider when deciding whether or not to get this card.

The first is to understand that the Celebrity Cruise reward program Captain's Club is different from the reward program from this card (MyCruise Points). With the Captain's Club program, you earn points from cruise nights and get higher tiers the more cruise you take with Celebrity Cruise. The benefits you get from the various status include things like discounted fares for members, discounts off things like internet access, free laundry bags etc. However, you can never get a free cruise simply by earning points on the Captain's Club program. If you want to get a free cruise, you would have to either get this credit card or others that allow you to get pay nothing for your cruise (at least your cabin). You also have to remember that if you use MyCruise Points to pay for your cruise, you cannot combine it with any discounts offer to you as a Captain's Club member.

If you decide that that you want to get a credit card to earn points for a free cruise on Celebrity Cruise, then you have a few choices. You could get this card and put your spending on it and use the points to redeem for a cruise (you do need quite a bit of points to get a free cruise). From looking at the reward chart, the reward redemption rate is 1% (ie 10,000 gets you $100 in value), which is the same as most other reward cards. The card however, is not that great for earning points. That is because you can only earn 2X on cruise purchases and 1X every where else. There are other cards with better earning rates. Let's look at a couple of examples.

The Barclaycard Arrival has a $89 and allows you to earn 2X. So let's assume you spend $5,00 a year on cruise and $45,00 on other expenses on the card, making it a total of $50,000. With the Celebrity Cruise Card, you will earn (5,000 X 2) + (45,000) = 55,000 points. The redemption value is $550. With the Barclaycard Arrival Elite, you will earn (50,000 X 2) = 100,000 points, which is a $1,000 value. You can then take advantage of any discounts (which you cannot for MyCruise Points) and use your card to book your cruise and claim a statement credit against it. That is almost double the value of the Celebrity card and would have already paid off the $89 annual fee.

The Celebrity Cruise credit card will appeal to those who want to earn reward points for a free cruise of Celebrity or their sister ships like Royal Caribbean and Azamara (Recall that you cannot earn free cruises with the Captain's Club reward program).

However, from a points earning perspective, there are better cards like the Barclaycard Arrival Elite and the Discover IT that will allow you to earn more points and get your free cruise faster.

However, I suspect that most of you reading this review will be huge fans of Celebrity Cruise and despite the fact that other cards have better points earning rates, you will still gravitate towards this card. And there is nothing wrong with that. When you combine this card with the benefits you get from being a member of the Captain's Club, you will find that you next cruise may just cost considerably less than if you did not have this card.

Annual Fee Version Or Not

If you decided to get this card, then you have to choose between an annual fee version and a no annual fee version. The Celebrity Cruise X credit card is one of the rare cruise cards which has an annual fee, but is also the most "feature-packed". For example, aside from being able to earn 2X points on cruise purchases (which is a common feature in most other cards), you will also get features like the "Buy One Get One 50% Specialty Dining", 10% discounts on privates journeys and premium beverage package. You will also get a $50 ChoiceAir discount and 10,000 bonus points when you meet your $10,000 spend requirements.

Is the $69 annual fee worth it? - Well, here's how I would look at it. The $50 AirChoice Discount is worth, well, $50 a year. The 10,000 bonus points is worth $10 (1% rate). If you make use of the special dining, private journey and premium beverage package, then you would probably cover the annual fee. You also have to ask yourself if you actually dine in their "special restaurants" rather than the free-flowing buffer, if you actually take "private journeys" or simply book your own tours when you drop off at a port. And you yourself know if you would drink a lot and if the premium beverage package makes sense for you

If they do not, then Celebrity Cruise has a no annual fee version that you could get.