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Amex Everyday® Preferred Card
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Credit Score: 695 Credit Limit: 6000 Age: 25-34
Posted 06/07 2018
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I want to collect MR points and thought that this was a good card since I do not travel a lot (sometimes hardly at all). I specifically chose this card because of the category bonus (gas and supermarket). The only real issue I have is that sometimes, I have difficulty reaching the 30 transactions a month criteria to earn 50% more points. In fact it is quite irritating sometimes because I am constantly checking! So for some months, I earn 3X, 2X and 1X (supermarket, gas, all others) with no 50% bonus. On other months, I earn 4.5X, 3X, 1.5X respectively. I could kind of understand why Amex does this. They want this to be your goto card. But if I am missing too many months, I might downgrade to the regular Everyday card which has no annual fee.