ThankYou Flight Points Explanation and How You Can Redeem TY Points

ThankYou Flight Points Explanation and How You Can Redeem TY Points

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In this section, we explain how Flight Points are earned and what card members have to do in order to use them. We also explain the value of using TY points for booking airline tickets.
Intro Purchase APR Regular APR Annual Fee Issuer Credit Needed
N.A. 13.99% to 22.99%*(variable) $95 - First Year Waived Citi Excellent

Now that we have a much better understanding of how the annual free companion ticket and 15% airfare discount works, we need to explain the concept of thankyou flight points and the value of TY points when they are redeemed for airline tickets.

ThankYou Flight Points - One of the really unique features of this card is the ability to earn TY points for the number of miles that you fly. That means you earn TY points for the ticket price that you pay, your frequent flier miles with the airline and an additional points for miles flown. No other card has even this feature (or rather has attempted to copy and incorporate this feature).

There is a small fine print for this. The points you earn from the number of miles flown is called Flight points. To be able to redeem your TY points (including flight points), you would need to earn an equivalent of points from regular spending. To illustrate this, let's use an example.

Assume you have bought a $500 ticket and your flight is 5,000 miles. That means you have earned 500 regular TY points and 5,000 TY Flight points. So even though you have technically earned 5,500 TY points, you can only 1,000 points if you wish to redeem them. The 1,000 points come from the regular spending (ie 500 points) and 500 TY Flight points (since they are matched by the points earned from non-flight points). To unlocked and use the remaining 4,500 TY Flight points, you need to earn another 4,500 points through regular spending.

More Value When You Redeem Points For Flights - Another great feature of this card is that when you redeem TY points for airline tickets on their travel site, you will get more than 1% value on the points. As an illustration, if you use 25,000 points, you can get an airline ticket for $333. Regular programs will only give you a ticket worth $250. That means that when you use your TY points to redeem for a free airline ticket, you get 32% more in value for your points.

This gives you another great choice with regards to airline tickets because you can use your companion ticket feature with Spirit Incentives once a year or pay up and get a 15% discount with Spirit on one of the low cost flights available to your destination. And if you have earned enough points, you can use Citi and get a free airline ticket using less points than other programs.

Other Rewards - Obviously, you can also redeem TY points for stuff like gift cards, merchandise rewards, experiential rewards and even make donations to their partner organizations. With this card, you can actually transfer points to friends.

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