Citi AAdvantage Bronze Mastercard Credit Card Review

Citi AAdvantage Bronze Mastercard Credit Card Review

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Intro Purchase APR Regular APR Intro Balance Transfer Annual Fee Credit Needed
N.A. P+9.99%*(variable) 0% for 6 Months $0 Average
Executive Summary - It is pretty rare for a frequent flyer card to have no annual fee. But this is one of the rare exceptions. Bear in mind that this card is no longer listed on Citi's site. But it is still available - but only if you have a higher version of the AA card and are looking to downgrade to this version.
Reward Formula - The Citi® Bronze® / AAdvantage® World Mastercard® is a one of the few airline credit cards with no annual fee. However, the rate in which you earn miles is slightly lower than average, one mile for every two dollars that you spend on the card. You can earn up to 25,000 miles, but elite AAdvantage® members can earn unlimited miles. AAdvantage® miles do not expire if your account is active within 36 months. You will also get 5,000 miles as a signing bonus after your first purchase.

Annual Fee and APR - As mentioned earlier, there is no annual fee. The apr is at prime rate plus 9.99%, which appears to be the standard rate for all airline credit cards. Citibank uses the average daily balance method to calculate monthly balances.

Key AAdvantage® Highlights - Here are a few key features of the AAdvantage program.

1. AAdvantage® members face no blackout dates for AAdvantage® award travel on American Airlines, American Eagle & AmericanConnection carriers

2. American Airlines partners with over 25 of the world’s top airlines, major car rental companies and hundreds of luxurious hotels worldwide

Citi AAdvantage Bronz vs Gold and Platinum Select

Citi AA cards also has the Gold and Platinum Select Version and we are going to compare them with the Bronz version.

AA Bronz vs Gold - The Citi AAdvantage Gold Card is obviously a step up from the Bronz version. You have to pay a $50 annual fee. And instead of earning one mile for every two dollars you spend (as in the Bronz version), you get to earn one mile for every dollar that you spend on the card. The Gold version gives you a higher sign up bonus (30,000 vs 5,000). You can also earn up tp 60,000 miles if you are not an elite member (vs 25,000 miles). You also get reduced mileage awwards (by 5,000 miles) with the Gold version that you do not get with the Bronz version.

AA Bronz vs Platinum - The Platinum Select version comes with a $85 annual fee. And it allows you to earn one miles per dollar spent on the card. This is actually quite disappointing because one would expect you to be able to earn double miles if you are paying an $85 annual fee. Non-Elite members can also earn up to 100,000 miles and the reduced mileage awards is 7,500 miles vs 5,000 for the Gold Card and non for the Bronz card.

Citi AA Bronz, Gold or Platinum Select

Verdict - The Citi Bronz/AAdvantage MasterCard is one of the rare frequent flyer credit cards with no annual fee. The price for that is that you need to spend two dollars to earn one mile. However, AAdvantage® members who do not want to pay any annual fee on an airline credit card should get the Bronze version, rather than the gold or world mastercard version. But if you want to earn more miles, the the Gold version is probably the best because the Platinum Select version has a higher annual fee and yet both allow you to earn one mile per dollar that you spend on the card.


  • No annual fee

Citi® Bronze® / AAdvantage® World Mastercard® for College Student
Miles Benefits
Bonus Miles 5,000 miles after first purchase
Miles Accumulation 1 mile for every $2 spent on purchases
Miles Expiration No expiration if account is active within 18 months
Caps on miles 25,000 miles- Aadvantage® Executive Platinum, AAdvantage® Platinum and AAdvantage® Gold members can earn unlimited miles
Other Benefits
Online account management, payment, statements.
Cost/Fees/Interest rates
Introductory rate 0% APR on Balance Transfer for 6 Months
Annual Fee No annual fee
Purchase APR Prime Rate plus 9.99%
Cash Advance APR Prime Rate plus 14.99% min 19.99%
Penalty/Default Rate Prime Rate plus 23.99% or 28.99% whichever is greater
Min Finance Charge $0.50
Grace Period 20 days
Balance Calculation Method Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Cash Advance fee 3% min $5.00
Over-the-credit-limit fee $39.00
Late Payment fee $15.00 - up to but not including $100.00
$29.00 - from $100-$250
$39.00 for more than $250