15% Airfare Discount With Spirit Incentive - Citi ThankYou® Premier Rewards Card

15% Airfare Discount With Spirit Incentive - Citi ThankYou® Premier Rewards Card

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Executive Summary - Card members get 15% discount when you book an airfare with Spirit Incentives. However, there are some details and fine prints that you have to be aware of. In this section, we will look more closely into this perk.

Aside from getting an annual free companion ticket every year, card members can also get a 15% discount when they book their airline tickets with Spirit Incentives. The tickets can be either coach or first class. Business class tickets are not eligible for the 15% discount (which will disappoint some folks who fly business class). The trips have to originate from the 50 states and can be either domestic or international travel. The trip can be one-way, roundtrip or multi-destination trip.

The 15% discount is based on base fare. This means that any taxes or fuel surcharges do not get the 15% discount. This is important because international airline tickets could come with some hefty fuel charges that you have to be aware of. So after factoring this in, the savings will probably amount to slightly less than 10%.

Below are some common FAQs regarding the 15% discount.

Can I earn Frequent Flier Miles when I use Spirit Incentives?
The answer is once again yes because they use the GDS system so it is not considered a third party aggregator like travelocity.com or Orbitz.com.

Can I earn Thank You Flight Points?
Yes. Since the ticket is paid for by this card, you will earn ThankYou flight points as well as FF miles.

What is the catch that we can get 15% discount every time?
The catch is that the flight that Spirit Incentive show when you opt for the 15% discount is that it is the lowest priced ticket available for the sector that you wish to fly. That also means that you are more than likely to get red eye flights or very early morning flights. This is the trade off.

Can we use ThankYou Points to redeem for the 15% discount?
The answer is No. To get the 15% discount, you actually have to purchase the ticket.

Is it better to pay for the ticket and get a 15% discount off the base price or use TY points for flights?
There is no right answer to this. If you use ThankYou (TY) points to book airline tickets through the TY travel center, you will be getting 33% more value for your points. For example 25,000 points will be you $333 in ticket value versus $250 for most programs. This is something you have to weigh versus the 15% discount you will get with Spirit Incentives.

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