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Credit Limit Increase for Opensky

Cardholders give feedback on CLIs they have got from Opensky

Since 2019, Opensky has increased credit limits of their secured credit cards without the need for additional deposits. Officially, they will consider you for this after at least 6 months of having the card. We had gathered some feedback from consumer who have gotten credit limit increases from Opensky. Most have gotten up between 7 to 12 months after opening the card.

Today, I I decided to check out my Opensky account summary and realized that I had got a CLI without any need to top up my security deposit. I started off my $200 when I got the card and was actually going to cancel the card. But the customer rep managed to waive my annual fee so I hung on to the card. Well, today is about 11 months since I had the card and I got a $100 credit line increase. I never expected thanks Opensky.

I started off with $500 on Opensky in 2021. I just checked my app and saw that my new credit limit is now $700. It is now 7 months so I got a $200 CLI after 7 months (as a reference point).

I opened my Opensky in the beginning of 2021 with a $300 security deposit and hence $300 limit. After 9 months, I found out that my new credit limit is now $600. I did not need to add any additional deposit. So $300 is secured and $300 is unsecured.

I started with Opensky with $200 dollars. After 8 months, I got a $100 CLI so my credit limit is now $300. I have only put up $200.