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Citi Platinum Select Card - Reviews, List and Features

Citi has a few credit cards with the "Platinum Select" tag on it. These cards come with a common set of standard features. What I also noticed was that most of the cards with this label had a "Platinum" color on their card. The only exception was the Citi Platinum Select Addvantage card, which was blue in color. Below is a list of Citi's Platinum Select Card, followed by some standard features which they all have.

citi platinum select card This is probably the most well known of their "Platinum Select" cards. This cards claim to fame is it's infamous 0% deals for both balance transfer and purchases (presently 18 months). It is also one of the MasterCards issued by Citi that has the "google wallet" feature in it. The Citi Platinum Select MasterCard is actually great for those looking to play the 0% balance transfer game.

citi platinum select visa This is the Visa version of the above card. In terms of features, they are nearly identical. But it does not have the "Google Wallet" feature because it is not a MasterCard. But since it is a Visa, it has a few perks unique to Visa cards. For example, you can get discounts with Herts if you have this card. And it also has a Travel and Medical Emergency Assist feature similar to Amex's Global Assist.

citi platinum select aadvantage visa The Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa is the latest addition to the Citi Platinum Select family. And it was meant to catapult the Citi AAdvantage cards above their airline card competitors. And it does so with very well. With new features like getting back 10% of redeemed miles, 25% discounts on certain in-flight services and free first baggage for up to four companion tickets, it certainly has raised the bar for other similar cards. These features are also now part of other Citi AAdvantage cards.

citi dividend platinum select visa The Citi Dividend has long been Citi's main cash back card and over the years, it has gone through a few iterations. The present version is the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa. The features are the same with the old World MasterCard version where you have a 5% rotating category and an online shopping portal called Citi Bonus Cash Center.

citi dividend platinum select visa for college students The Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa For College Students is the student version of the regular Dividend Card. But unlike the regular consumer version, the student version only pays 2% on the quarterly rotating categories. But otherwise, the features are nearly identical.

Features of Citi's "Platinum Select" Cards

If you are a cardholder of any of these Citi Platinum Select cards, then you should expect to get the following features:

Zero Liability For Fraudulent Charges - Like most credit cards these days, all Platinum Select cards offer their cardholders zero liability for any fraudulent charges made on your card.

Extended Warranty - When you use any of these cards to make a purchases, Citi will extend the warranty by one year beyond the manufacturer's warranty. This comes in handy on purchases like cell phones!

Purchase Protection - Most of the purchases that you pay with the card will be eligible for protection against theft, fire or accidental breakage of up to $500. This is good i you report it within 90 days of your purchase.

Travel and Emergency Assistance - This is a relatively new feature in Citi's cards. It resembles what American Express has with their Global Assist program. Basically, if you need legal help, medical assistance or even translation services when you are abroad, there is a number for you to call Citi and they will help you with referrals in the location that you are in.

Travel Accident Insurance - Cardholders of these cards will also get travel accident insurance. The amount of insurance is not clear from their website. (we'll be investigating this further)

Auto Rental Insurance - This is now a really common feature in most credit cards. If you rent a card and pay it with any of these Citi cards, you will be covered for damages and theft on the vehicle that you rent and you can decline to take up the collision insurance offered by the car rental company.