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Bank of America Credit Cards Reviews

Bank of America, since taking over MBNA has got hundreds of credit cards that I could not simply place here. Below is a list of the most popular Bank of America Credit Cards and the ones we offer on our site.

One of the interesting highlights is that WorldPoints (which used to be an MBNA program) has several credit cards which offer very low interest rates. Bank of America's Airline credit cards also offer great value because you can earn double miles with all of them and their annual fees are much lower than their competitors.

bank americard visa The Bank Americard Visa® Signature is their new revamped vanilla credit card that offers standard features like a 0% Intro APR* on purchases and balance transfers and a decent interest rate.

bank americard power rewards The Bank Americard Power Rewards Visa Signature Card is Bank of America's reward credit card that has no annual fee. The reward program is based on the World Points program.

bank americard cash rewards card The Bank Americard Cash Rewards credit card is a plain vanilla cash back credit card offering from Bank of America. It pays a standard 1% cash rebates for every purchase you make on the card.