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Opensky Credit Card Application Instructions

Familiarize Yourself with the Opensky Application Page and Avoid Pitfalls When Applying

Opensky has a very easy application process and it takes approximately 5 minutes to fill out on your mobile phone. I will go through the whole process with you and point out areas that you have to be careful when you fill out the application form.

The first application show you the requirements. They are quite intuitive. On the next page, you can see that the application form is divided into 5 sections: The Personal Info, Address and Contact Info Details, Finanical and Security Info, Agreements and Security Deposit section. You simply have to fill in the section sequentially.

opensky application requirements opensky application page

1. Personal Info

The first section is easy and intuitive. Just simply fill in your name and your email address.

opensky application personal info

2. Address and Contact Details

As intuitive as it sounds, this part can get tricky. You need to fill in the address where you live. If you receive mail via P.O. Box, then you have to fill that in separately. Many folks get denied because they simply fill in their PO Box address under the address column. If you also just changed address, make sure the changes are reflected in ALL three credit bureaus and all utility bills have been updated. You also have to provide either your home or cell phone number.

opensky application addressdetails opensky application contact details

3. Financial and Security Info

As far as financial info goes, you will be asked to provide your annual income and your housing payment. Annual income can include full-time, part-time, or seasonal jobs, salary, wages, shared income that is regularly deposited in to an account you can access. If you are 21 and older, you can include income that you can reasonably access to pay your bills. You may also include alimony, child support or separate maintenance income, but it need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying this obligation.

Your monthly housing payment is either your mortgage or rent. You also have to fill in your social security number (SSN) and double confirm it and also you date of birth.

Lastly, you will have to choose and fill in a SECURITY WORD which you will be asked when you call customer service etc. Make sure you write this down and do not forget.

opensky application financial info opensky application security info

4. Terms and Conditon Agreement

The fourth section is where the terms and conditons are listed out for you to go through. You simply to to click the part where it says you agree to it.

opensky application terms and conditions

Security Deposit Funding

The last section of the application form is the part where you have to decide how much security deposit you would like to put down and how you would like to fund it. You can fund anywhere from $200 to $3,000. When you first click open this section, Opensky assumes you are going to fund it immediately with your debit card. As you can see in the online form, you simply have to fill out your debit number and CVV and expiration date. You also have to fill in the address on the card if it is different from your address.

opensky application security deposit amount opensky application debit card details opensky application security deposit fund today

If you decide that you want to fund the card later, then you have to simply click on the button that says "click here if you fund your security deposit at a later date". After that, you coudld summit your application. You could fund via check, money order or Western Union.

opensky application pay security deposit fund later opensky application submit button

Once your security deposit is received, it will take anywhere from 12-14 days for you to get your card.