Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card.
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Credit Score: 830 Credit Limit: 51100 Age: 25-34
Posted 03/29 2020
Overall Rating:
I really like the airline benefits that come with this card. I usually always try to fly delta when travelling domestically and the annual fee pays upon one round trip flight. I'm in my first year of owning the gold card and may think about upgrading to the platinum card next year. The credit limit is higher than I thought it would be. I only utilize about 5% of that limit but it's nice to have extra.
Credit Score: 701 Credit Limit: 12 Age: 35-44
Posted 11/04 2018
Overall Rating:
Applied for the card since my husband and I fly Delta an average of 4 times per year as well as I travel a lot with work.
Was a delta sky mile member but didn’t want to apply for another card and take the credit hit.
I decided it would be bennificial so I applied with the offer I reviceved in the mail.
Simple application, only took about 2 minutes. Was instantly approved for $12,500.
Love the perks. No issues with the interest rate since it’s oaid in full every time it’s used.
Credit Score: 793 Credit Limit: 20000 Age: 25-34
Posted 10/29 2017
Overall Rating:
I got this card when I was targeted for a 50k sign up bonus. At that time, I was traveling from US to Japan every 2 months. Due to the sign up bonus and spending on the card, I managed to earn enough miles to get a free ticket on that route. This is still my primary card that I use.

The free first checked bag is a nice perk and this perk pays for the card itself. I might upgrade to the platinum version later if I need extra MQMs.
Credit Score: 770 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 45-54
Posted 07/03 2017
Overall Rating:
My wife and myself are frequent travelers and since we live in a Delta hub, we fly Delta most of the time.

I like this card because we can earn 2X when we buy Delta tickets, get our first bags checked in for free and get priority boarding. Delta also has a fantastic network in the US. We like to travel to Europe and so what ends up happening is that we use our Delta miles on airlines like Air France (which is a skyteam partner).

The service from Amex is also fantastic. I have lost my card in Europe and Amex sent me a new one in just a couple of days. Things like that is what makes a loyal customer.
Credit Score: 668 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 05/14 2017
Overall Rating:
Applied when my score was about 668.

Had a few inquiries and a couple of old collections (which were still on record but paid off).

Still do not understand how I got a $5k CL! But I am not complaining.
Credit Score: 763 Credit Limit: 15000 Age: 25-34
Posted 02/21 2017
Overall Rating:
I applied and got approved for this card at a time when I was traveling quite a bit with Delta. My wife was also flying a lot with them and convinced me to get this card. My approval was pretty much instant and the 30k bonus miles got deposited after the spending requirement ($500 if I recall correctly). What I like is that I do save on those baggage fees and if you fly just a few trips a year, that itself pays for the annual fee.

Having said all that, Delta miles aren't the easiest to redeem. I was unsuccessful in trying to book a couple of red eye flights. I have also never managed to book an award flight with the saver awards miles. So while I give the card a 4 star, Delta's program is a 3 star to me.
Credit Score: 774 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 25-34
Posted 11/19 2016
Overall Rating:
Met the spend requirements and still have not gotten my bonus miles. CSR is giving me the run around.
Credit Score: 654 Credit Limit: 10000 Age: 25-34
Posted 08/28 2016
Overall Rating:
I am in the midst of rebuilding my credit. After reading numerous forums, it appears that I had a chance with this despite my mid 600 score. I was not instantly approved. But after calling CSR and a couple of verifications, I was approved for $1000. I made my first Delta purchase and the ticket cost was about $600! I paid off the bill in full at the billing cycle.

After 10 months, my score has improved to the 700 area. Thanks Amex.
Credit Score: 712 Credit Limit: 2000 Age: 35-44
Posted 07/21 2016
Overall Rating:
For the last 2 years, I have been rebuilding my credit from the 500s. I had a couple of secured credit cards from BOA and Cap One and also a couple of store cards. I gradually rebuilt my credit score to the 700s. I wanted to get an Amex and decided to go for the Delta since I fly them a couple of times a year. I was really that I was approved though the $2000 CL for a 700 plus score looks on the low side for me.
Credit Score: 678 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 04/11 2016
Overall Rating:
When I applied for this card, my score was about 680 area. My history was about 7 years, had utilization of probably about 10%. I got approved for $5k CL. Since I was already a skymiles member, I was happy to get the sign up bonus. Also, as a side note, Amex pulls Experian.
Credit Score: 714 Credit Limit: 7000 Age: 25-34
Posted 01/20 2016
Overall Rating:
Experian: 714
Equifax: 716
CL: $7k
Inquires: 7

My first Amex card. Been flying Delta lately and am very happy with my 30k sign up bonus which just showed up in my account.
Credit Score: 735 Credit Limit: 4000 Age: 35-44
Posted 10/13 2015
Overall Rating:
My wife and myself fly Delta a few times a year. The free bag checkin pays for the annual fee just after a couple of flights with her. Earning extra miles with this card does not hurt as well.
Credit Score: 690 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 09/26 2015
Overall Rating:
I got approved for this card with a 690 Experian score. I checked my reports after the approval and found out that they only pulled Experian. So if you are getting this card, I think the score you should be concerned about is the Experian score. So far so good as far as my experience goes. Already got the bonus miles and am very pleased with that.
Credit Score: 685 Credit Limit: 4000 Age: 25-34
Posted 07/05 2015
Overall Rating:
I got this card together with the BlueSky on the same day. I obviously fly Delta but also decided to get another non-airline affiliated card. After I applied online, I got messages saying the application was in process. I called Amex and after verifying my address, they approved it. Am looking forward to getting my bonus miles!
Credit Score: 694 Credit Limit: 2500 Age: 25-34
Posted 05/18 2015
Overall Rating:
Experian - 694
TransUnion - 704
Equifax - 718

CL - $2500

Ok - so am really happy as this is my first Amex card. But credit limit is a little low IMO. For example, my Capital One has me at $4,000 CL vs $2,500 for this one.
Credit Score: 763 Credit Limit: 8000 Age: 25-34
Posted 03/12 2015
Overall Rating:
I got this card mainly for the free checked bags since I fly Delta quite a bit. The free checked bags alone covers the annual fee since I travel with my wife. Not long after I got the 30k sign up bonus, I needed to book an emergency flight and managed to get one with 30k miles! I've read that Delta flights are hard to book with award tickets but that was not the case for me.
Credit Score: 690 Credit Limit: 2500 Age: 25-34
Posted 03/08 2015
Overall Rating:
9 months before applying for this card, I got myself an Amex Green when my score was about the 650 area. I got approved for a relatively small line of $2,500 but I'll take that. My 30,000 sign up bonus miles was deposited relatively quickly once I met the required spend level.
Credit Score: 647 Credit Limit: 1000 Age: 25-34
Posted 12/05 2014
Overall Rating:
Experian - 647
CL - $1000.

Am in the midst of rebuilding my credit and this has been ongoing for the last year. CL is small but I hope to get increases as time goes by. Aim is to reach 700 score because I apply for a new card.

Before I applied, I did some research and the consensus seems to be that the Amex Green and Delta Gold were the easier cards to get your foot in the door with Amex.
Credit Score: 725 Credit Limit: 2000 Age: 25-34
Posted 11/04 2014
Overall Rating:
Got approved for $2000 CL with a score of 725. Decided to get this card since I live in a Delta hub and fly Delta all the time. Just three years ago, my credit score was in the 600s. Just goes to show that if you work at it, you can improve your score and get your hands on prime cards.
Credit Score: 645 Credit Limit: 2000 Age: 18-24
Posted 07/04 2014
Overall Rating:
This is the first card I got and when score was about 645 then. The reason I got this card was because I got a job that required me to fly and I was always flying Delta. Love Amex and their customer service. Having said all that, Delta's frequent flyer sucks in my opinion and I eventually swapped this card for the Blue Sky Preferred - same CL etc. Once again CSR was great.
Credit Score: 713 Credit Limit: 4000 Age: 25-34
Posted 06/26 2014
Overall Rating:
This is the first amex that I got. CL of $4000. Very happy to have an Amex now.
Credit Score: 705 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 25-34
Posted 04/03 2014
Overall Rating:
If you fly Delta a few times a year, this is a great card to get. The baggage fees savings alone will pay for the annual fee. We do not spend enough to get the MQMs and those elite miles to make it worthwhile getting the Platinum version so this card suits us.
Credit Score: 657 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 25-34
Posted 11/11 2013
Overall Rating:
Great customer service and the free checked bag makes this card worthwhile. The companion ticket is great too and definitely pays for the annual fee.
Credit Score: 732 Credit Limit: 3000 Age: 35-44
Posted 09/01 2013
Overall Rating:
Have been with Amex for many years. I make a six figure income and have my own consultancy business. I also pay my bills in full every month.

Then one fine day, Amex cut my limits in half after I paid off the balance. I called them up and asked why did they reduce my limit. They said it was the economy etc blah blah. I told them there was no way I could do business with a card of such limits and so I just cancelled my card.

stay clear of them.
Credit Score: 740 Credit Limit: 5000 Age: 35-44
Posted 08/27 2013
Overall Rating:
I really like this card. And I end up using the first check bag free feature which saves me anywhere from $50 to $75. The free first check bags apply for up to 8 companions so it also benefits me when our family goes on vacation.

I do not fly enough to earn elite status and I do not really care about it so I chose the Gold rather than the Platinum or Reserve card.