More changes coming to Marriott Rewards credit cards

By Mr Credit Card

Chase is about to update their Marriott Rewards credit cards again. Their present features will still be available until this coming Monday.

What I’m watching closely is what will happen to the sign up bonus. The last time Chase updated the cards, they kept the 50,000 sign up bonus for the premier version but reduced the bonus for the regular card from 50,000 to 25,000 points. At this moment, the 50,000 sign up bonus is achieved just after the first purchase on the card. If they keep the sign up bonus the same, my fear is that they impose some form of spending requirements.

As far as features goes, my feeling is that they will more or less remain the same. If it does change, it will probably be for the better. Chase and Hyatt recently upgrade the Hyatt credit card with new features and if anything, any changes would be positive and retroactive.

If you have always wanted to get a Marriott card, perhaps this is the time to get the premier version with the 50,000 sign up bonus since they is some chance that the sign up bonus may be reduced.

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  • US Airways 250,000 Miles Sweeptake 30th September 2012

    By Mr Credit Card

    US Airways is now having a sweepstake. You have to enter and register by 30th September 2012. This is a little more than 2 weeks left. Here is how it goes. The winner gets 100,000 miles. Runner up gets 50,000 miles. And there would be 4 prizes of 25,000 miles each. Click here to enter

    This promotion ties in with their double miles purchases promotion happening right now. To recap, if you buy miles from US Airways now (for up to 50,000 miles), you will get double miles. That means that you could deposit 100,000 miles in your Dividend account if you purchase 50,000 miles today. You obviously have to plan to use the miles quickly and efficiently to make the purchase worthwhile. But 30th September is the deadline again.

    Who knows, someone may get lucky and get 200,000 miles in their account by the end of this month!

    On another note, US Airways is also giving away 25,000 mile if you get a Lasik procedure done through a referral from their site! I think I’d rather research who I’ll be going to for the procedure rather than search for an online referral just to get 25,000 miles. But you never know, the extra miles might be just be more important to you! It appears that the provider is LasikPlus. But, my eyesight is good and I’m really not familiar with this. So here is the link. Please read the fine prints!

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  • Exclusive Jason Mraz Concert Tickets Through Chase Credit Cards

    By Mr Credit Card

    For those of you in the loop, you would know by now that Jason Mraz is having a concert in Madison Square Garden on 11th December 2012.

    Being a Chase Freedom card member, I just got an email from them telling me that I can book tickets starting from today 17th September (at 10am EST until 22nd September 10pm EST). The tickets are not available to the public yet. So if you hurry, you can get some great seats.

    After tweeting about this post, Chase has informed me that all Chase cardholders (including debit cardholders) can book these tickets now. So for all you Chase credit or debit account holders, check your emails or go to to see concerts supported by Chase.

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  • Love the Journey Concert by Citi and American Airlines

    By Mr Credit Card

    I just got an email from Citi’s PR folks that Citi and American Airlines have announced The Citi® / AAdvantage® Card Love the Journey Concert Series. This concert will take place in New York and Los Angeles this October. The main attraction is performances by Alicia Keys and Maroon 5.

    These 2 concerts are to celebrate 25 year partnership or “journey” between Citi and American Airlines. And they will be held exclusively for Citi / AAdvantage credit card customers and will include the artist’s personal stories from their journey to stardom. Wow, 25 years of partnership! I’d say that is great and I might cheekily add that many of AA planes are just as old!

    So here are the venues:

    • Alicia Keys: Monday, October 15 at Avery Fisher Hall at New York’s Lincoln Center
    • Maroon 5: Friday, October 19, 2012 at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles

    Only Citi AAdvantage Card holders can purchases tickets at They go on sale September 18, 2012 and are limited to two per Citi / AAdvantage cardmember on a first-come, first-serve basis. Many folks have churned and hold a couple of AA cards. So I’m just wondering if that means you can get more than 2 tickets?

    Anyhow, if you live in NY or LA and are interested in this concert, this looks at quite an “exclusive” event for Citi AA card members. If you have always been thinking of getting this card, perhaps this is the right time as well!

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  • Daily Recap 09/13/2012

    By Mr Credit Card

    From our site

    Hyatt Credit Card Review Updated
    Hyatt has just announced a couple of new changes to their affinity cards which will take place after 1st October 2012 (more on that below). As a result of this, we have updated our reviews to reflect the upcoming changes. We find the changes positive and have increased our rating for the card.

    2 Free Nights Promotion Explanation and Value
    While rewriting the Hyatt review, I looked into the 2 free nights sign up bonus more closely and found out that the definition of 2 free nights depended on your Hyatt Gold Passport elite status. The higher the status, the better the sign up bonus.

    From around the web

    Hyatt 65,000 points promotion through 30th November 2012
    Guess it is all about Hyatt today. They are running a promotion now until the end of November. You have to register by end of October to participate. Between 1st September 2012 and 30th November 2012, you can earn 5,000 bonus points for 5 nights of stay, and 10,000 points for every 5 nights after that up to 65,000 bonus points. That means, you have to be staying at a Hyatt hotel for 35 days to earn this extra bonus (worth a suite for a night). To be honest, it is quite impossible for us mortals, but any extra bonus you earn is always good.

    Hyatt announces enhancements to their affinity card
    Hyatt yesterday announced some enhancements to their affinity card. Firstly, you can earn double points for restaurants, airline tickets booked directly with airlines, as well as with car rentals. Very few affinity cards have this feature, so kudos to Hyatt. Existing card members will also be automatically be platinum elite members.

    Furthermore, they have also added nights and stays as bonus based on spending levels. Spend $20,000 and you get 2 stays/5 nights. If your spending goes up to $40,000, then you will get an additional 3 stays/5 nights. For those pursuing diamond level, this card will now be even more valuable.

    US Airways 25,000 Bonus Miles Promotion with Star Alliance Network
    This promotion is good until 15th December 2012. “Travel on 3 partner carriers to get 2,500 bonus miles, 4 to get 5,000 and 5 to get 15,000. Fly on 6 or more and you’ll earn 25,000 miles.” Guess this only applies to the hard core US Airways flyer.

    Starwood and Aeroplan promotion
    Between 10th September and 9th December 2012, you can earn extra Aeroplan miles for staying at Starwood Hotels. Stay 3 nights are earn 3,000 aeroplan miles. Stay 5 nights at earn 5,000 miles. Stay at a Canadian Starwood chain and earn an extra 3,000 miles. Registration is required.

    SouthWest double miles promotion
    From now until 15th November, you can earn double miles flying with Southwest. For example, according to SouthWest site: “You’ll receive 24 points (instead of the standard 12 points) per dollar spent on Business Select® Fares, 20 points (instead of ten points) per dollar spent on Anytime Fares, and 12 points (instead of six points) per dollar spent on Wanna Get Away?®”. Registration is required.

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