Travel Insurance Benefits of the American Express Blue Sky

Travel Insurance Benefits: Blue Sky® from American Express

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Executive Summary - Being a travel rewards card, one should always ask what the travel benefits of this card are. And in this part of the review, we will look at the what American Express provides for this card in terms of this perk.

Like most Amex cards, you also get a whole suite of travel benefits. In this part of the review, we will highlight these below.

  • Automatic Flight Insurance
  • - Like most cards, you will be provided with this coverage when you use your card to pay for your tickets. Coverage amount tops up to $2,000,000.

    However, if get this coverage, you actually have to go through an enrollment exercise on their website. Once you are enrolled, all your other American Express cards are also enrolled as are your additional card holders.

    There is no charge to enroll in the automatic flight insurance. But once enrolled, you will be charged a premium when you use the card to book a flight. The fee is $4.99 ($4.50 for New York residents) per covered trip per covered person.

    The people who are considered "cover persons" include your spouse, domestic partner, children who are aged 23 years old and below.

  • Travel Delay Protection
  • - Like the automatic flight insurance, this perk requires enrollment as well. Once again, enrollment is free. But when you book an airline ticket, you will be automatically signed up for travel delay protection.

    The cost is $9.95 per Covered Person per Covered Trip. And here is how the perk works.

    You will get up to $200 per day for up to 2 days per person if you miss a connection, your flights are delayed or canceled and if you are denied boarding with no available flights are made available by 9pm on the same day as your flight.

    You will get up to $50 per day for up to 2 days per person if the above happens and no available flights are made available by 3 hours.

    If you cannot get a flight by 3 hours and by 9pm on the same day (ie both conditions met), you will get $250 per day for 2 days.

  • Premium Baggage Protection
  • - Card holders who enrolled for this perk will be charged $9.95 per covered person per covered trip.

    You will be covered for up to $1,000 for lost stolen or damaged checked-in baggage, $2,000 for carry-ons and $500 for baggage delays.

  • Global Assist
  • - Global Assist is a travel emergency services where a representative will provide assistance in find medical, legal, financial and other emergency assistance when you travel more than 100 miles from your home. This perk will be most useful when you travel abroad and you are in a country with a different language.
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